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                Status change by MasterNero14 at 10:42 on 03 Apr 2020MasterNero14 status: Hard Corps Uprising and Metal Slug 3 completed 😁
RedmptionDeniedRedmptionDenied has reached a new milestone: 68,000 Achievements Won
Comment by K4rn4ge at 05:53 on 03 Apr 2020

aka Evolve with zombies LUL

KrazieGears 5Krazie won 4 Achievements in Gears 5 for 106 points
velho lobodomarCharlie Murdervelho lobodomar started the game Charlie Murder
Comment by Richardfelipee at 03:45 on 03 Apr 2020

Esse jogo é muito foda

Comment by velho lobodomar at 05:14 on 03 Apr 2020

Maneiro mesmo :~~ lembra castle crashers

Comment by MasterNero14 at 10:29 on 03 Apr 2020

Esse é bão viu 😍

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