Amazing spiderman (wp) just wiped my progress. Was about 90% through the challenges. Yay


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Overkill - level 36! level 37! level 38!
Long time no blog. Many reasons for this. Have been smashed at work with night shifts and fatigue but that's over for now. Two weeks of holidays with not much to do, but no xbox in sight so plenty of time to overkill :) and just generally relax too. Woo. Also been smashing a lot of destiny 2, UHH and am now addicted to hand of fate so when I get back to the land of xbox my overkilling will slow down again. Figured I'll probably just blog when there's something to blog about, rather than just say "well I didn't play any overkill this week really but here's the one hour I did".

In overkill news - as the title suggests, I'm at level 38 now! Long way since my last blog but I also only moved level 36-38 in the last three days.

Great news! The machine gun is boss. Buy it as soon as you reach level 35, the "try this gun" didn't have a full upgrade for free cash option. This gun makes it very, very easy to kill the final bosses. Therefore my xp rate has gone up massively! Almost double I think. Have worked out my xp per hour is now 270-280k per hour, meaning I've got less than 100 hours to go!!

Some tips for the final fight (all assuming you've upgraded the machine gun to the full capacity of free cash):
- Play through the start of the level as normal. I prefer to use the ak/acr/whatever you want first on the normal enemies cause their accuracy is better and you don't need the heavy duty machine gun, it generally makes this part slower.
- When you get to the robots, switch to your heavy machine gun. Your first target is the robot on the right of screen. He has two arms you need to shoot off, preferably before the shield bot does his job. When he walks onto the screen he is side on. You can shoot the arm off that is facing you before he turns around. This is important because this arm becomes impossible to see when he turns around, so you can miss your chance to shoot it off before the shield bot starts up. You can still struggle your way to shoot it when you can't see it, some shots somehow still hit it, but you take a lot of bullets doing so and I find it's not worth it. Shoot the second arm off as soon as you're done with the first, then hide behind cover while the machine gun bot shreds you with bullets. Again if you don't shoot the first arm off successfully, just shoot the second off and wait behind cover. You will take more damage but you can still finish the stage most of the time if you're careful.
- Next step is to kill the shield bot. You want to wait for the machine gun bot to stop shooting and start walking down the ramp. Start shooting the shield bot every time the machine gun bot stops shooting, cause sometimes he only does one burst before walking instead of two. Just duck to cover if he starts shooting again and you shouldn't take much damage. The shield bot will take somewhere around 50-60 bullets to kill, and then you can use the rest of your clip on the machine gun bot before he starts shooting. If you hadn't killed the other bot in the first instance, kill him now he is vulnerable, just make sure to duck before he explodes.
- Now you're 2/3 done you just have to kill the machine gun bot. This is where you can die if you're not careful, but as you get more used to it you can take some damage killing him to shave off a few seconds each run. You mainly want to shoot him when he's walking. You get a few shots off while he's walking down the first ramp, then you want to be on the lookout for the next time he walks from location two to location three at the very front. Like I said, shoot as soon as he stops shooting, because he might walk early and you don't want to waste time. You should be able to finish him off with one last full clip. Try not to use the last bullet in the clip if he's dead so you save time by not reloading to finish the level.
- Some variances/glitches to look out for with machine gun bot:
- As mentioned he sometimes does one burst of first before walking instead of two, just be on the lookout because you will miss some window of opportunity if you take too long to start shooting him.
- Sometimes he start waving his gun around during a burst like he's being attacked by bees. This is great because his bullets don't hit you when he does this. Fire away and save yourself a few seconds.
- Sometimes he reloads the wrong clip and fires blanks at you. Also great, because while shooting straight at you he doesn't do any damage. Take this time to fire away. I find that a common combination is him attacked by bees on his second burst in the first location, then firing blanks after he's moved down the ramp, meaning with this combination you can kill him very quickly without taking barely any damage. This isn't the only time he fires blanks though, so it's sometimes worth taking a few shots at him during the start of each burst to see if he does damage if you've got more than enough health.
- Sometimes he just stands at the top of the ramp and doesn't shoot or move at all. Great because you can just kill him straight up. Just fire in bursts because your accuracy will suck at that range.
- Time for a negative one. Sometimes mid burst he will start walking, and continue shooting. This is annoying, as this is usually the time you're unloading on him. Just be careful with your health and take shots when you can, this will slow you down but don't let it kill you.
- Last negative one. Sometimes the man just shoots continuously and doesn't give you gaps to shoot him. This usually only occurs when he is in his final position down the front, so make sure you do your best to kill him before he gets here (I do just about every time so shouldn't be a problem)
- Power ups. Accuracy boost is your friend. It makes the first robot extremely easy to kill as you will barely miss a shot, and also means you can land more shots quickly on the machine gun robot when he's further away from you. Nuke barely touches the robots. Fire rate seems like a good idea but your accuracy falls through the floor using it. You can pick it up for the radar robot since it's close enough not to worry, or when the machine gun robot is close enough to you, but otherwise I wouldn't risk your reticule splaying out. Also be on the lookout for the health/body armour power up if you are low on health, but don't take too long shooting it or you will lose that much health from the machine gun robot.

And that's about it. So much strategy I know right. If you've gotten to the end of the game you're probably already fine to kill the robots, these are just some tips I've found to shave a few seconds off here and there, which will add up to an hour or two over the thousands of runs you'll do.

Anyways, enough rambling on, here are my current stats. Be amazed.

Level - 38
Current XP - 7155/1500000
XP gain since last blog - At least a couple of million
Kills - 57921
Cash on hand - $5909095
Time remaining - a lot less now I can kill the robots
Motivation - a lot better now I can kill the robots

Might blog again after my return road trip where I'll hopefully man up to about level 40. Hopefully my tips help at least one person. Probably not though.

Enjoy yourselves!

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