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Contained herein is the last will and testament of Games for Windows Live (hereafter referred to as "GFWL").

Having fought an ignoble and losing battle against the grand champion of digital distribution known as Steam, GFWL has been read its last rights.

In preparation for its inevitable demise, GFWL has left the following games for fronkdegronk to complete, should he wish to do so.

Games on Steam
1 Batman AC - GFWL still works; can launch outside steam
2 Bulletstorm - (need a partner for Anarchy mode; also have retail copy); steam offline mode
3 Dark Souls; steam offline mode
4 Dead Rising 2 - (co-op partner needed; 4 player online done); can launch o/s steam
5 Dead Rising 2 OTR - (co-op partner needed); can launch o/s steam
6 Dirt 2; can launch o/s steam
7 F1 2010 - (online grind); steam offline mode
8 F1 2011 - (co-op partner); steam offline mode
9 Fable 3 - (co-op partner); can launch o/s steam
10 Flatout - (MP done); steam offline mode
11 Fuel- (MP done); steam offline mode
12 GTA IV - good to go; can launch o/s steam
13 Iron Brigade - (5 more co-op missions); can launch o/s steam
14 Ms 'Splosion Man; steam offline
15 RE ORC - (MP done); can launch o/s steam
16 RE 5 - (can be done co-op but not required); steam offline mode
17 Section 8; steam offline mode
18 Section 8 Prejudice; steam offline mode
19 SWTCW: Rep Heroes (also have a retail copy); can launch o/s steam
20 SF x Tekken- (online); steam offline mode
21 Test Drive Ferrari (oh woe is me); steam offline mode
22 Toy Soldiers; steam ONLINE
23 Virtua Tennis 4 - (online); can launch o/s steam

1 Batman AA
2 Batman AA GOTY
3 Battlestations Pacific - (dlc)
4 Bioshock 2 (online done)
5 Bioshock 2 (Rus)
6 Crash Time 4
7 Dark Void (watch out for glitched achievements)
8 Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet - need co-op partner (4 players recommended for Shadow Hunters); some achievements may not stick to profile, may have to do .gpd trick
9 Kane & Lynch - (online)
10 Legend of the Galactic Heroes
11 Operation Flashpoint: Red River
12 Quantum of Solace (online done)
13 Red Faction: Guerrilla
14 Stormrise- good to go
15 SFIV - (online)(also have a steam copy - steam offline mode)
16 SSFIVAE (online) (also have steam copy- can launch o/s steam)
17 The Club
18 Tron (online done)
19 Viva Pinata

Ace Combat Assault Horizon
AOE Online
Battle vs Chess
Blacklight Tango Down
Dirt 3
Fallout 3 GOTY
Gotham City Impostors
Halo 2
Microsoft Flight
Mortal Kombat Kollection
Universe at War
Vancouver 2010
Warhammer DOW2
World of Goo

I know this is not a complete list of GFWL games, it's just a list to help me keep track of stuff I need to get done :p
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