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Kind of upset with the way adam sessler gives games he's not into a bad review. I mean sure silent hill downpour might not be the best but i don't think he really notices that rating a game based on other games is not really fair. I kind of liked Kingdom Hearts the first one and some final fantasy's but if those are up it's gonna get a bad review by him. I believe when you rate a game you should forget everything else about other games and focus on THAT game not compare.We all know modern warfare is gonna get a good review but look at black ops, it was pretty crappy. Any way just ranting and raving I probably couldn't do much better besides, he is making a living at it, i guess i'm just a silent hill fan that can't stand negative reviews about it but to each his own.
Made a new leaderboard for dads and father and son gamers.please check it out.

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