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Update: Three The Hard Way
I apologize for not checking in, but I have had a lot happen in my personal life. There has been a lot of physical and emotional pain, but things are downhill from here now. There was a three month period over the summer that tested everything in my resolve.

Here is what happened:

In mid-June, I lost my grandpa. He was not doing good in the last couple of years, being in a nursing home all that time. My grandpa was a veteran in the Army who was shot in the back during battle in the Korean War. Just because he was saving his down troop-mates. My grandpa lived a full life after that, though. He was an entrepreneur and did many other things. He had a military burial, which if you never have been to one in real life, is very poignant and hard to watch.

The next month, I woke up with my right arm hurting badly. I thought I slept on it wrong, but it ended up being more complicated. I thought it was carpal tunnel, but it wasn't. I always took good care of my hands and watched how much I did certain activities, especially with a heavy typing job. It ended up being a pinched nerve. I am 99% percent over it now, but I am planning to very soon retire from achievement hunting for once and for all. I am not getting any younger. wink

Now with that out of the way, let's get to some gaming stuff.

400K and rising

I broke 400k and to be honest I forgot what game it was. facepalm

I have been focusing more on achievement % and TA lately. I have had an amazing October so far. I have three new games in my top 10 best games (GRIP, MXGP3, and Pumped BMX Pro) and two new achievements in my top 10 best (Destroy 250 cars in GRIP and Perfectionist from Please, Don't Touch Anything). Trust me, I needed a nerve pill after pulling out the perfect run on Please, Don't Touch Anything. headspin

The List

I have put together a new list of 50-60 games I have already played with achievements I can POSSIBLY get. Sometimes I drift to other games and sometimes I get enraged at others. I am focusing on Pumped BMX Pro and one or two other things, but I will be starting on this sooner, rather than later.

I have no fancy title for this last segment. However, I did do something special last weekend.

I went last weekend to Tsubasacon,which is an anime, movie, and gaming convention. I am NOT an anime fan, nor I dress up. Actually, I am wearing my costume. It is called myself! LOL. laugh

Anyways, when they mentioned that Tokyo Attack was coming with a Japanese arcade, it piqued my interest. Here is what I got to play (no particular order):

Pop N Music - This was on my bucket list of games to play in my lifetime. However, it was not announced as being there beforehand. It was a pleasant surprise. I tried playing the hardest song on easy after getting the swing of it, but the way those nine buttons were arranged were confusing. Epic fail.

Initial D (don't know which one, the newest one) - Not much to say, but this was fun to play. With Sega's legendary arcade driving game reputation, I wouldn't expect last. The drifting and controls were scarily precise. Of course having hundreds of hours of Forza, F1, Need For Speed, Dirt, etc. experience didn't hurt. wink

Sound Voltex - This game is unusual. You have four buttons in one row, two bigger buttons in the bottom row, and on the side one red and one blue knob (looks like old stereo volume knobs). The buttons are obvious, but the knobs had a cool effect. When a line weaved across the note highway, you had to turn it with the respective color(s). It wasn't bad.

Jubeat - Made up of a 4x4 grid of touchscreens in a square, the trick of the game is to tap the square(s) at a certain time with the music. This was another game I couldn't wait to play and it didn't disappoint. However, when you have to hit upwards to 4-6 at the same time, it was a bit intimidating.

Unknown Game - I forgot the name of this one, but this was the most intriguing. You had a music keyboard looking device in front of you, but it was one long board with no walls between each individual section. You had to hit bars that came down respective to the area of the keyboard. However, there are some sections where you had to hit the bar, then lift your hand for a certain period of time (and sometimes put it back down on the keyboard). Really fascinating and I wish I could've played more.

Maimai - I got addicted to this. Instead of trying to explain it, here is some information on it:

This was made by Sega (yes Sega) and it has an excellent soundtrack with even some Sega classic arcade game songs getting remixed. I couldn't tell you how many times I played Let's Go Away (from Daytona USA). music
I actually went from the tutorial to almost passing a song on Expert (2nd highest difficulty except for Master) in a weekend. If you see one, play this game. It is some really good s**t!!!


Dance Dance Revolution - No need to explain, but I hadn't played on a real machine in five years. I passed a couple songs on Expert, but I don't think I was rusty. I was, well:

At least I had a good time.

Hopefully, if nobody dies or if I don't get injured again. I will check back in soon! wave

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Comment by HELLRAZORANGEL at 06:35 on 17 Nov 2019

Looks like a horror game. I'll probably like it even if it's awful xD

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Comment by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz at 10:51 on 14 Nov 2019

Hadn’t heard of this one, but damn $2?! Seems crazy quick as well. Recommend?

Comment by IrishWarrior022 at 14:06 on 14 Nov 2019

Ya great achievement to price ratio! :P

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Thanks RedemptionDenied for the help with that one damn achievement haha

Comment by RedmptionDenied at 07:07 on 14 Nov 2019

lol, he was probably just waiting for you to ask someone to show up :P

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Comment by Sighris at 14:42 on 13 Nov 2019

Milestone twinsies

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