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PermalinkUpdate (Pac Man CE 2) and the Final Four
I am on work break at the library typing this, so I will be fairly quick.

It has been a while since I posted, so I decided to keep you guys informed on what I have been doing achievement-wise (and no not to promote a stream this time! laugh)

I made a stupid mistake a couple of months ago. I decided to give some old Xbox 360 games and my Pac Man CE 2 disc to charity to help out the needy at Christmas. Being a newbie Xbox One owner, I forgot that only downloaded games can be installed again for free, NOT on disc. Big D'oh! So when I got the urge to play again, it wasn't there. cry

However, it was on sale for the Spring Sale for cheap, so I got it...again. I wanted to try to beat the rest of Score Attack's achievements for the hell of it. Plus PMCE2 is a fun game, achievements or not. However, I got more than I bargained for. I got all of the S rank achievements that eluded me before to aggravation. Including this puppy:

This is (most of) my run for S-Rank on Extreme on the Highway course. Starts at around 3:40-ish to go in the run. Once I got normal Highway S'd, it took me 15-20 minutes to grind this one out.

I am so f***ing happy right now! headspin As for the lone achievement for Adventure, nah.

I have taken things pretty easy since breaking 200,000 GamerScore. The weight I put myself is off my shoulders (although I didn't take it too seriously anyways). I am enjoying just playing, although achievements do light the way home on certain games.

As for the next game, I am playing Just Sing. If anybody has the game and is willing to upload videos for the watch 20 different users videos achievement, that would be awesome. I will trade for videos of my bad singing in return. laugh To help out others of course...

In quick non-gaming news, the Final Four is this weekend. My bracket did pretty well until the end of the round of 32 (Hell, I picked Loyola to go to the Sweet 16. Shoulda had more faith in them... (no pun intended).)

Both Division I West Virginia schools did well. West Virginia lost to Villanova in the Sweet 16 and Marshall (in Huntington, WV) beat Wichita State and lost to yes, West Virginia in Round 2.

My prediction: Villanova wins it all
My dream: Loyola wins it all. Gotta cheer for the underdogs! rock

I got a couple minutes to head back to my office. See you soon.
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PermalinkMy quest for 200,000 GS ends tonight! (Thurs. Mar. 1, 8 p.m. ET)
After 5 years of playing I have finally reached my last milestone as an achievement hunter. It has been an eye-opening experience. It is more amazing that I don't play that much but have made so much progress. I have a full non-gaming life that I am very proud of (work, family, social events, etc.) - gaming is at the bottom of all of that.

Anyways, I want to share it with you. This is not about hits or money. It is my enthusiasm and the fact is that all of you have given me so much with all of the guides, walkthroughs, constructive criticism, etc. that makes me want to share it with you. Plus, representing my state of West Virginia is an excellent bonus! laugh

Here is the link. The game is ACA Neo Geo Burning Fight.

I know the Pang Adventures stream was - well, awful on my end commentating wise. I am new at this streaming stuff, but hopefully this will be better.

See you soon!
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PermalinkPang Adventures Stream tonight 2/13 at 6:15 pm ET
I just started a new Mixer account and have done a couple of videos already.

Here is the link:

The stream will start at 6:15 PM tonight (US East Coast - West Virginia)

This is short notice but I wanted to let everybody know about this in case you are interested.

I will be continuing Pang Adventures Tour Mode and will play until I tire out, beat the mode, or if time gets tight (I have to work tomorrow).

So come by and chat and I will talk to you guys and give commentary also.

See you there! :-)
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