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Anyone wanna play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer? For fun that is ;-)

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Games so close to completion it's not funny.
Here is my updated list is of games, from which I am missing either one or two single achievements:

BattleBlock Theater – Anyone feel like breaking their controller and/or TV by playing insane co-op mode with me where you restart the levels if you die?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - One last DLC cheevo to beat ‘Vertigo’ on Veteran, which I would’ve completed if the game hadn’t glitched on me 5x where when you defeat everyone on the roof, the package with the parachute never comes.

Civilization Revolution - Just need to beat a game before 1000 AD on ‘King’ difficulty, which I should’ve done years ago when I still knew how to play the game…

Earthworm Jim HD - I loved this game on SNES back in the 90s, but putting a cheevos on here to beat it on the hardest difficulty without losing a life and another one in under 50 mins on hard is pure evil.

Forza Motorsport 2 - One million online credits and win all the damn level trials.

Gears of War - Getting Seriously and the Annex wins is nothing to sneeze at.

Gears of War 3 - The obvious missing cheevo: Seriously 3.0, which I don’t plan on getting anytime soon…

Guitar Hero II - Never gonna get 5 stars on all expert songs or get 1 million on a song without a miracle.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - One last cheevo for getting an impossible score on a song I never want to hear again.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - Beat ‘The Library’ on Heroic in 30 mins or less (ƒück that) and drive through the ship at the end with a minute to spare on Legendary. I was within 3 seconds of getting that once. cry

Iron Brigade - DLC 30 waves of survival on Settlement. Ugh.

Kinect Fun Labs: Mars Rover Landing - I need to somehow get a perfect game.

Limbo - Nope. Not unless there’s a workaround where you can backup your save or something will I attempt the ‘5 deaths or less’ shenanigans.

Lego Rock Band - Just need to perfectly play the guitar solo on expert for ‘The Final Countdown’.

Minesweeper Flags - Playing this classic is 10x faster with a computer mouse than with the Xbox controller, so completing medium and hard under the quick-time requirements would take a miracle. Winning 30 games of the different mode of ‘Flags’ against the expert AI is a pain because it cheats like no one’s business.

Ms. Pac-Man - After like stage 12, this ghosts move so quickly and the invincibility pellets last for less than 1 second, making it so completing stage 21 a chore. Eating all 4 ghosts 4x in a stage is also no easy task.

Pac-Man Championship Edition - I (or more than likely my friend Ryan) just need to complete one of the challenge modes, which aren’t that hard.

Rage - I already completed this disappointing game twice for the original 1000 and am not interested in a third run through on the new ‘Ultra Nightmare’ mode.

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter- Two difficult cheevos left for beating levels on the hardest difficulty.

skate. – One left that’s unattainable one thanks to EA’s shutdown server magic. Fuckers.

TC’s Rainbow Six Vegas - Two time consuming multiplayer leveling up ones left to get to Elite in the end.

TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled - Complete survival mode.

Wolfenstein- Two cheevos: Beat it on ‘hard’ and ‘Über’ difficulties.
Not including DLC:

Dead Space 2- Hard to the Core. Screw this cheevo. Only being able to save 3x on the hardest difficulty is too stressful for me.

Fable II - I’ll need to be evil and start a new game and sacrifice 10 people in the Temple of Shadows and also somehow get the 5 unique dolls. Manus manum lavat, anyone? toast

Marble Black Ultra - It’s impossible to get the DLC for this game now because the DLC and the game have been removed from the marketplace, sadly. The only two cheevos I can complete now are to beat all the advanced levels (I just need to beat the very last one) and complete all the advanced levels under par time.

Mass Effect 2- Beat the game on ‘insanity’. It’s those damn charging Krogans that kept me from getting this on my maxed out soldier.

Serious Sam 3: BFE - Completing the other games on ‘Serious’ difficulty was already hard enough even with the ability to use infinite ammo. Now you cannot modify the game at all; however, my friend Fooga did point out you can use many shortcuts. I do have the DLC if anyone is interested in doing the quick multiplayer stuff.

Being a completionist isn't so bad when the cheevos are just time-consuming, but the majority of these are difficulty-based. From looking at these, I think I’d only be able to get only about half of them completed without wanting to break my TV and/or Xbox. :-)
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Comment by He A Good Boy at 05:19 on 04 Dec 2016

ohhh you praying arkham asyrum ^_^ ah yes very good me rove that game

Comment by RedHeadMexican4 at 05:42 on 04 Dec 2016

Is this the remastered one that they made

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Comment by Harbringernight at 20:46 on 03 Dec 2016

How is this game? Been on the fence for a while about getting it.

Comment by Strategy One at 01:48 on 04 Dec 2016

It's campaign is the longest campaign I have ever seen, going to take a while to get all achievements.

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Comment by blueracer442 at 20:36 on 02 Dec 2016

It's now my most anticipated game since Final Fantasy XV released.

Comment by Xerostomia at 20:56 on 02 Dec 2016

Just noticed the Ultimate Edition, includes season pass and the re-mastered 1st game with new achievements. I think I will get that.

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Comment by Living Legends at 08:23 on 02 Dec 2016

I would but since I got six boxes I can do it myself

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