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British LegendsWe Happy FewBritish Legends started the game We Happy Few
CallSign IceManCallSign IceMan has reached a new milestone: 4,250 Achievements Won
Comment by CallSign IceMan at 19:34 on 06 Dec 2019

Only with alot of help from my friends.

salut alloAegis Wingsalut allo joined a Co-op Gaming Session for the game Aegis Wing
Comment by guycarb at 21:31 on 06 Dec 2019

These guys are lucky to have you join! 😜

Comment by Lvx at 22:07 on 06 Dec 2019

Cool to see you're still doing this!

idleblueidleblue has reached a new milestone: 500 Games Played

                Status change by Groznia at 17:46 on 06 Dec 2019Groznia status: TA is about helping your friends and others get achievements. Not about caring only about your self and what you can get. Don't forget that
Comment by Groznia at 17:47 on 06 Dec 2019

We all help each other we all benefit.

Comment by guycarb at 21:31 on 06 Dec 2019

Yessir, but there will be some who only care about themselves regardless of the feedback system in place!

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DUTCH HOSSGems of WarIDDQD achievementDUTCH HOSS won the IDDQD achievement in Gems of War for 122 points
TheOtherBarberSUPERHOTTheOtherBarber won 6 Achievements in SUPERHOT for 122 points
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TheOtherBarberSUPERHOTTheOtherBarber started the game SUPERHOT
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HealttiDarksiders IIIHealtti completed the game Darksiders III and is the 686th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by fireiz at 04:51 on 06 Dec 2019

how was the game?

Comment by Healtti at 08:55 on 06 Dec 2019

Felt like a spin-off, not a full sequel. Darksiders1 had excellent H&S combat; D2 added loot and abilities for some build variety. D3 features neither. :/

Comment by fireiz at 10:17 on 06 Dec 2019

loool, so i should pass?

HealttiTrailmakersHealtti completed the game Trailmakers and is the 11th gamer on the site to complete it
Jacky chaudBattle vs. ChessJacky chaud started the game Battle vs. Chess
BROOKER 513Hyper UniverseBROOKER 513 won 2 Achievements in Hyper Universe for 109 points

                Status change by BROOKER 513 at 02:32 on 06 Dec 2019BROOKER 513 status: Hyper Universe is back online, now to continue the grind!
MattiasAndersonEnergy CycleMattiasAnderson has rated the game Energy Cycle 0.5 out of 5
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LuckyKantFruit Ninja (WP)LuckyKant won 2 Achievements in Fruit Ninja (WP) for 25 points
PurpleFiftyTwoSea of ThievesFortune and Glory achievementPurpleFiftyTwo won the Fortune and Glory achievement in Sea of Thieves for 308 points
Comment by Evi1 Over1ord at 00:38 on 06 Dec 2019

Well done mate, was it as hard as it sounds?

Comment by PurpleFiftyTwo at 16:36 on 06 Dec 2019

Thanks. It needed a good crew and a lot of luck to get a suitable opportunity. Dug the last chest with seconds to spare!

Comment by Evi1 Over1ord at 17:59 on 06 Dec 2019

As i exspected, not lookin forward to this one lol

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