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My Top Ten
My Top Ten Rewards Tracking
Criteria: Am I logged in? Have I checked in a while?

1. TA Score - 116,334 TA; Completion - 49.2%; Ratio - 1.8027
2. Gamerscore - 64,049 GS
3. Games Owned (Collection) - 335
4. Games Played (Games) - 169
5. Forzamotorsport.net - Tier 9 - 13,600 ___ (trying to complete FH4 Bucket List)
__ Forza Motorsport 2,
Forza Motorsport 3, Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Motorsport 5, Forza Motorsport 6, Forza Street, Forza Horizon, Forza Horizon 2, Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious (Xbox 360), Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious, Forza Horizon 3
6. Ubisoft - Level 10 - 120 U ________________ (want to revisit all Assassin's Creed)
__ Assassin's Creed, Trials Fusion (Xbox 360), Trials Fusion, Trials of the Blood Dragon, Trackmania Turbo
7. Rockstar - N/A _____________________________(want to boost GTA IV & V)
__ Red Dead Redemption 2,
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony for Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned for Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360), Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare Pack for Red Dead Redemption, Liars and Cheats Pack for Red Dead Redemption
8. Racenet.com - 126K XP_Lvl 29____________ (Codemasters DiRT & Grid)(Maybe Gone!!)
__ GRID Autosport, GRID 2, DiRT, DiRT 2, DiRT Showdown, DiRT 3, DiRT 4
9. Microsoft Rewards - 6144 _________________ (tough to grind)
10. Square Enix - 100 pts ____________________ (Tomb Raider only?)
__ Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360), The Turing Test, THIEF (Xbox 360), Quantum Conundrum, Life is Strange (Xbox 360), Just Cause 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

My Top Ten Games/Series
Criteria: Enjoyment, Replayability, Skill, Theme, Ease to Jump In, Innovation, Humour

1. The Orange Box + Portal 2 + Portal: Still Alive
2. Red Dead Redemption + Undead Nightmare Pack for Red Dead Redemption + Red Dead Redemption 2
3. Forza Motorsport 3 + Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox 360)
4. Batman: Arkham Asylum + Batman: Arkham City
5. Rock Band 2 + Rock Band 3 + Green Day: Rock Band
6. Tomb Raider + Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)
7, Trials Fusion (Xbox 360) + Trials of the Blood Dragon
8. FlatOut 4: Total Insanity + FlatOut Ultimate Carnage + Midnight Club: Los Angeles + Burnout Paradise
9. Grand Theft Auto IV + Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)
10. DiRT + DiRT 2 + DiRT 3

My Top Ten Trash

1. Toybox Turbos
2. Joy Ride Turbo
3. Motocross Madness
4. Trackmania Turbo
5. I Am Alive
6. The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom
7. Things on Wheels
8. Harms Way
9. Life is Strange (Xbox 360)
10. Stacking

My Top Ten Links

1. Blog Game Status Charting: InjuryProne19's blog post - Injury's Progress Bar Secret Revealed
2. GwG history: HolyHalfDead's blog post - Games with Gold (Final update August 2023) ... or ... https://www.trueachievements.com/games-with-gold/games?order...
3. Walkthrough Road Maps: Road maps
4. Unobtainables Fixes: Get Unobtainables Fixed!
5. TA Comment Formatting: Forum Post Code Help Page
6. Bean Dive Game Guide Bean Dive Guide - Version 2
7. Adding: Other here
8. Adding: Other here
9. Adding: Other here
10. Adding: Other here
Active Game Status
A summary of progress charts of my most active games on profile.
My most epic finishes of all time
Games I am playing now DLC I am playing now
  • DLC Placeholder for now (TBD)_0%__0/50
Games I have loaded, but not started yet
Games I have just finished (or am finished with)
  • SSX (ImJustNoGood)_8/50
Music Games Backlog I would like to revisit for Vocals and Others
Backlog I would like to tackle soon
Games I have purchased, but cannot play at the moment Games I would like to purchase next

Link: InjuryProne19's blog post - Injury's Progress Bar Secret Revealed
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CenosisCenosis has reached a new milestone: 75 Completed Games
Comment by atryeu1 at 05:35 on 02 Oct 2023


Comment by Cenosis at 09:57 on 02 Oct 2023

Thanks! I remember I had 3 before I joined TA and if I didn't own Master Duel this would probably be completion 120 or so. 😔 Glad I finally hit the milestone though. :D

...there are 2 other comments

CenosisDead Island Riptide (Xbox 360)Cenosis completed the game Dead Island Riptide (Xbox 360) and is the 6,226th gamer on the site to complete it
Bunny BreakfastPAYDAY 3Bunny Breakfast won 3 Achievements in PAYDAY 3 for 658 points
          Secret AchievementNicoleRenee00 won the Secret Achievement in Vampyr for 10 points
NicoleRenee00VampyrNicoleRenee00 started the game Vampyr
Maka91Forza Motorsport Maka91 won 6 Achievements in Forza Motorsport for 217 points
Maka91Forza MotorsportJust Getting Started achievementMaka91 won the Just Getting Started achievement in Forza Motorsport for 49 points
Comment by OBlockMafia at 16:20 on 01 Oct 2023

U enjoying this? I’m looking forward to it coming out

Comment by Maka91 at 16:22 on 01 Oct 2023

I can talk about it on October 4th!

Comment by OBlockMafia at 17:06 on 01 Oct 2023

Brilliant I’ll keep an eye out if u make a post or video 👍🏼

SmiththedudeMirror's Edge CatalystSmiththedude completed the game Mirror's Edge Catalyst and is the 3,140th gamer on the site to complete it
SmiththedudeMirror's Edge CatalystSmiththedude won 20 Achievements in Mirror's Edge Catalyst for 2456 points
SmiththedudeIt's Spooky TimeSmiththedude has earned Gold in the It's Spooky Time Target
IAteA11ThePiesProdeusIAteA11ThePies won 11 Achievements in Prodeus for 1023 points
Maka91Ahoy, Me HeartiesMaka91 has earned Silver in the Ahoy, Me Hearties Target
IAteA11ThePiesIAteA11ThePies has reached a new milestone: 165,000 GamerScore
IAteA11ThePiesIAteA11ThePies has reached a new milestone: 350,000 TrueAchievement Score
NicoleRenee00Dragon Age IINicoleRenee00 completed the game Dragon Age II and is the 5,669th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Reborn Insanity at 01:38 on 01 Oct 2023

Nice congrats! I still gotta get back to Origins soon

Comment by NicoleRenee00 at 14:04 on 01 Oct 2023

Its the best one!

NicoleRenee00Dragon Age IILegacyNicoleRenee00 completed the Legacy DLC for Dragon Age II
NicoleRenee00Dragon Age IINicoleRenee00 won 2 Achievements in Dragon Age II for 74 points
NicoleRenee00Dragon Age IIMark of the AssassinNicoleRenee00 completed the Mark of the Assassin DLC for Dragon Age II
Comment by NicoleRenee00 at 20:03 on 30 Sep 2023

Not my favorite DLC from Bioware

Maka91CocoonMaka91 has rated the game Cocoon 4.5 out of 5
Comment by Psychic Shiva at 20:02 on 30 Sep 2023

Will you be doing a guide of this 🤔 thanks in advance Maka😎✌️

Comment by SiegfriedX at 21:02 on 30 Sep 2023

Yes, he is. Most likely out monday or tuesday :)

...there are 3 other comments

Maka91Maka91 has reached a new milestone: 785 Completed Games
Comment by OBlockMafia at 19:38 on 30 Sep 2023

Congrats maka good job

Maka91CocoonMaka91 completed the game Cocoon and is the 41st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by EJW611 at 19:51 on 30 Sep 2023

Easy completion?

Comment by OBlockMafia at 20:11 on 30 Sep 2023

Top notch mate

...there are 2 other comments

Maka91CocoonMaka91 won 13 Achievements in Cocoon for 2213 points
          Secret AchievementMaka91 won the Secret Achievement in Cocoon for 381 points
Maka91CocoonLoophole Maneuvers achievementMaka91 won the Loophole Maneuvers achievement in Cocoon for 218 points
Maka91CocoonDaybreak achievementMaka91 won the Daybreak achievement in Cocoon for 277 points
Maka91CocoonCryptographer achievementMaka91 won the Cryptographer achievement in Cocoon for 158 points
Maka91CocoonThis Has Potential achievementMaka91 won the This Has Potential achievement in Cocoon for 151 points
Maka91CocoonConduit achievementMaka91 won the Conduit achievement in Cocoon for 131 points
Maka91CocoonMesh Network achievementMaka91 won the Mesh Network achievement in Cocoon for 114 points
Maka91CocoonFrom There to Here achievementMaka91 won the From There to Here achievement in Cocoon for 112 points
Maka91CocoonEnd of the Line achievementMaka91 won the End of the Line achievement in Cocoon for 115 points
Maka91CocoonSkin Deep achievementMaka91 won the Skin Deep achievement in Cocoon for 122 points
CenosisShadow ComplexCenosis won 4 Achievements in Shadow Complex for 59 points
CenosisShadow ComplexCenosis started the game Shadow Complex
SmiththedudeMirror's Edge CatalystSmiththedude completed the story in Mirror's Edge Catalyst
NicoleRenee00Dragon Age IINicoleRenee00 completed the base game Dragon Age II and is the 8,148th gamer on the site to complete it
NicoleRenee00Dragon Age IINicoleRenee00 won 2 Achievements in Dragon Age II for 155 points
Maka91CocoonMaka91 won 4 Achievements in Cocoon for 224 points
Maka91CocoonMariner's Branch achievementMaka91 won the Mariner's Branch achievement in Cocoon for 68 points
Maka91CocoonPathfinder achievementMaka91 won the Pathfinder achievement in Cocoon for 37 points
Maka91CocoonMaka91 started the game Cocoon
Comment by Maka91 at 19:41 on 29 Sep 2023

full game walkthrough coming soon

Comment by UNeakOne at 19:44 on 29 Sep 2023

Can't wait

...there are 2 other comments

Maka91Forza Motorsport Maka91 won 3 Achievements in Forza Motorsport for 56 points
Maka91Forza MotorsportGetting Familiar achievementMaka91 won the Getting Familiar achievement in Forza Motorsport for 17 points
Comment by SiegfriedX at 05:30 on 29 Sep 2023

Hey Maka, can you shed some light on the Pole Position achievement? How hard will this be after the game is out?

Comment by Maka91 at 06:10 on 29 Sep 2023

Can't talk about it until October 4

IAteA11ThePiesBeacon PinesIAteA11ThePies completed the game Beacon Pines and is the 11,348th gamer on the site to complete it
IAteA11ThePiesBeacon PinesIAteA11ThePies completed the story in Beacon Pines
IAteA11ThePiesBeacon PinesIAteA11ThePies won 3 Achievements in Beacon Pines for 504 points
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