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Why Do We Game?
Two hundred seventy-nine hours and counting....

279 HRS
Record of Agarest War (360)107 HRS
Deadly Premonition (360)107 HRS
Game Room (XBLA)90 HRS
Final Fantasy XIII (360)81 HRS
Alan Wake (360)57 HRS

Of course I am referring to the infamous Record of Agarest Records.

Thanks to Raptr site, I realized I have spent this chunk of time on this game. I start questioning myself, is it actually worth it? Or do I really have so much fun playing this J-Strategy game? I know I will totally regret for what I have done in this last few months. I don't even want to convert it into days that I spent on playing this.

Reading one article the other day, it explained why people game, it has a long lists of reasoning and break it down into few categories.

(Original can found here. http://www.xeodesign.com/xeodesign_whyweplaygames.pdf)
1. Hard Fun
Emotions from Meaningful Challenges, Strategies, and Puzzles

• Playing to see how good I really am
• Playing to beat the game
• Having multiple objectives
• Requiring strategy rather than luck

2. Easy Fun
Grab Attention with Ambiguity, Incompleteness, and Deta

• Exploring new worlds with intriguing people
• Excitement and adventure
• Wanting to figure it out
• Seeing what happens in the story, even if I have to use a walk through
• Feeling like me and my character are one

3. Altered States
Generate Emotion with Perception, Thought, Behavior, and Other People

• Clearing my mind by clearing a level
• Feeling better about myself
• Avoiding boredom
• Being better at something that matters

4. The People Factor
Create Opportunities for Player Competition, Cooperation, Performance, and Spectacle.

• It’s the people that are addictive not the game.
• I want an excuse to invite my friends over.
• I don’t like playing games, but it’s a fun way to spend time with my friends.
• I don’t play, but it’s fun to watch.

I think the reason why I still game is try to escape from reality and avoid boredom. As Ryuk from Death Notes says, he create death notes just to try to amuse himself from boredom and everything begins from there.

I pick up the controller again and please let me have another round of RoAW.

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Comment by LMEPHISTO at 08:30 on 02 Dec 2022

shock How can you do the tanning while saving vampires! OUTRAGEOUS !

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Comment by RadiantViper at 07:22 on 01 Dec 2022

Slow down warning

Comment by Five1oh at 16:28 on 01 Dec 2022

Giant gains

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Comment by RadiantViper at 07:24 on 01 Dec 2022

Lemme know if you need help on this one

Comment by Sashamorning at 22:34 on 01 Dec 2022

Will do. I was just tooling around for a bit yesterday.

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Comment by RadiantViper at 01:36 on 30 Nov 2022

Well done sir

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