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completed the escapists
Well I'm really pleased with myself for today I completed the escapists and 486th gamer to have completed this game .I have enjoyed playing this game although some parts have been very annoying but I pulled through to gain another 100% .The escapist was a game I wasn't sure about getting and I had added it to my wish list and removed a few times so when it became GWG I snapped it up. The achievements are pretty straight forward although The Wet bandit was luck based and had to reply a prison just to flood the toilets the other is Master craftsman I do recommend using the list with the excellent walkthrough REJECt444 .saying that I also did somethings my own way but the walkthrough was very helpful. over all a very enjoyable game I from that I will most likely play the other games .

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Comment by Maliicious at 17:13 on 14 Apr 2021

and into the fire

Comment by Onsidic at 17:19 on 14 Apr 2021

parts of the dlc just feel like the exact same structure as the main game... land in jungle, visit bunkers, visit a village..

Comment by Maliicious at 17:22 on 14 Apr 2021

yes but there's a venom spewing bird at the end of this one instead of some giant insectoid being #TheSameButDifferent

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Comment by WOODY2211 at 15:51 on 14 Apr 2021

I dont think ill be getting any more out of this game but I'll try.

Comment by Webhead2099 at 17:47 on 15 Apr 2021

Yeah I need 154 battles to get the 1000 battles played, but after that, I'm done. Glad they've made it considerably easier to work on.

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