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Well I'm really pleased with myself for today I completed the escapists and 486th gamer to have completed this game .I have enjoyed playing this game although some parts have been very annoying but I pulled through to gain another 100% .The escapist was a game I wasn't sure about getting and I had added it to my wish list and removed a few times so when it became GWG I snapped it up. The achievements are pretty straight forward although The Wet bandit was luck based and had to reply a prison just to flood the toilets the other is Master craftsman I do recommend using the list with the excellent walkthrough REJECt444 .saying that I also did somethings my own way but the walkthrough was very helpful. over all a very enjoyable game I from that I will most likely play the other games .
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In the time of getting to 300 000 there as been some highs and lows some great gaming experiences and some really dull ones ,Times when I've questioned if I'm still enjoying my hobby or been taken over by keeping streaks going at the expense of gaming and other things .Getting close to an achievement in a game and leaving that game so can pop the next day. when I had the 360 I bought loads of games in sales and trading etc some to just sit on my shelf and never even enter my xbox only for me to trade in for another game months later .I have at times again questioned this hobby more so when grinding out some of these achievements that are out there in the gaming world and asked myself why go through this just to 100% the achievements .But then there are the games that pick me back up to the stage of enjoying gaming again or the ones I get to play and spend time with my two daughters (lego games esp).so where do I go from here well a few more years yet before I hang up my controller as although managing my game buying I'm still accumulating a backlog on the xbox one slowly but not as quick or as big as the 360 days .
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So on the 10/2/2018 my Gamerscore finally hit and surpassed the 300 000 mark. who would have thought back in feb 2009 when my girlfriend now wife (at times she as regretted although she as just become addicted to gems of war) bought me my first xbox 360 as a moving in present and popping my first achievement BUY THE TICKET,TAKE THE RIDE in civilization revolution 9 years later in the same month id hit 300 000.

From that very first 3g achievement I've come along way some gaming highs and some gaming lows ,some great games and some crap games Ive met some great people along the way and I would like to thank all those who are on my friends list and all those who I have had gaming sessions with if you are taking the time to read this thank you all for helping and been apart of my hobby and gaming journey .
when I started out it took me a little to long to join the TA community not joining till the 6/4/10 but have not looked back since really .Although I haven't been doing much online multiplayer in last id say year with only joining a few sessions ,it as been mainly down to time and been a little more selective in the games I am playing now but I'm sure at some point ill turn up in some sessions in the future .
so as of today I'm at 12,913 achievements that in itself is a large amount ,my gaming session score is 417 positive and only 1 negative so not bad going and I have played 611 games some ive enjoyed some ive not so much enjoyed and some ive just given up on for whatever reason ,the wife wants to watch something so might do a part 2 happy gaming and catch you later and thanks for reading .
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