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I feel like I am never going to finish my 2018 Bean Dive. I keep getting more games than I'm diving. It will be finished eventually though!

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2012 - imaidiot19's blog post - Bean Dive - Goodbye % - 56 Games Dived
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2016 - imaidiot19's Bean Dive - 169 Games Dived
2017 - imaidiot19's Bean Dive - 365 Games Dived
2018 - imaidiot19's Bean Dive Guessing around 336, but likely less when I get bored.

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Comment by ImJustYourDaddy at 04:44 on 15 Aug 2018

Pretty fun game

Comment by ProfessorPluto at 04:58 on 15 Aug 2018

I enjoyed it too. Not the easiest completion but a rewarding completion nonetheless

Comment by ImJustYourDaddy at 05:05 on 15 Aug 2018

I actually did the British disc-only version too (I'm a US boy, so getting it was kinda annoying though). A lot of roguelikes reach that 'I enjoy how OP I am' runs

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Comment by Reborn Insanity at 00:53 on 15 Aug 2018


Comment by Naberios at 03:25 on 15 Aug 2018

Hey, congratulations buddy!! I'll definitely be going through this when I ever I'm able to start putting some time back into Elite. Thanks for doing it!

planting42Elite: Dangerousplanting42 has had their walkthrough for Elite: Dangerous published!
Comment by Reborn Insanity at 00:53 on 15 Aug 2018


Comment by K4rn4ge at 00:55 on 15 Aug 2018

Wow kudos dude, that is quite the undertaking. Maybe I will finally go back to this game and get more than 1 ach. Dreamweaver keeps telling me and now I hav no excuse lol

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ClownTasticElite: DangerousClownTastic has had their walkthrough for Elite: Dangerous published!
Comment by Reborn Insanity at 00:53 on 15 Aug 2018


Comment by vSully at 01:03 on 15 Aug 2018

1000-2000 hours ^__________________________^

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Mr GranstaffBrunswick Pro Bowling (EU) (Xbox 360)Mr Granstaff started the game Brunswick Pro Bowling (EU) (Xbox 360)
Comment by Mr Granstaff at 04:25 on 15 Aug 2018

So it begins...

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Comment by Skycaptin5 at 00:38 on 15 Aug 2018

How is it? I went to play it one night and it kept having problems running the first episode.

Comment by K4rn4ge at 00:53 on 15 Aug 2018

Reload the game fully and that worked for me. It is OK so far but also not paying full attention to it. It's basically a movie - been getting achs while multitasking lol

Mr GranstaffMr Granstaff has reached a new milestone: 650,000 GamerScore
Comment by MathGuy42 at 23:34 on 14 Aug 2018

Congrats! Double milestone too.

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Comment by MathGuy42 at 01:57 on 15 Aug 2018

I need to go back and try for the x16 powerup. Only achievement I need. The randomness was just annoying.

Comment by Mr Granstaff at 04:25 on 15 Aug 2018

I got lucky. Check out my most recent video.

rekikireUHH 4rekikire registered for the UHH 4 event
Comment by rekikire at 23:05 on 14 Aug 2018

Ah well, only around for the first three weeks so if I get enough points for the knockout rounds in that someone is going to get a first round bye.

angelskOvercooked! 2angelsk has rated the game Overcooked! 2 5 out of 5
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planting42 shared the news item Introducing The Ultimate Head to Head 4 Contest and Community Challenge at 22:34 on 14 Aug 2018planting42 shared the news item Introducing The Ultimate Head to Head 4 Contest and Community Challenge
Comment by nightw0lf at 22:56 on 14 Aug 2018

Thanks for your explanation in the thread. I'm hoping there's just a bug in the algorithm. If my ~2200 are counted, I might start a handful of games so I can join. :-)

Comment by planting42 at 23:11 on 14 Aug 2018

You may be totally right. I seem to be missing 3,000 achievements between my calculations and what the registration page shows me. I've reached out to the devs so...

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                Status change by imaidiot19 at 21:50 on 14 Aug 2018imaidiot19 status: I feel like I am never going to finish my 2018 Bean Dive. I keep getting more games than I'm diving. It will be finished eventually though!
Comment by omgeezus at 22:12 on 14 Aug 2018

just take your time

Comment by burnthelamb at 23:33 on 14 Aug 2018

If you never played PUBG you'd be done weeks ago wink

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Comment by Mr Granstaff at 19:32 on 14 Aug 2018

Probably just for giggles - the fact none of my non-BC 360 games will be pulled is a bit of a downer.

Comment by dlCHIEF58 at 19:38 on 14 Aug 2018

I'm debating on whether to join or not. Definitely sucks the way they are limiting 360 games due to the whining from last year. My backlog was my edge in the contest.

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