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OK uhh powers that be...grant me a fun, easy list please!

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Bean Dive 2017 - Post Mortem, Stats and the Road To Recovery
Total # of Games Dived: 365

Starting # of Games: 1415
Finished # of Games: 1771

Starting TA: 505,321
Finished TA: 516,719
Increase of: 11,398

Starting GS: 322,201
Finished GS: 331,821
Increase of: 9,620

Completion % Before I Started Bean Diving in 2012: 57%
Current Completion % After 2017 Dive: 24.85%

Past Bean Dives:
2012 - imaidiot19's blog post - Bean Dive - Goodbye % - 56 Games Dived
2013 - imaidiot19's Bean Dive - 301 Games Dived
2014 - imaidiot19's Bean Dive - 207 Games Dived
2015 - imaidiot19's Bean Dive - 162 Games Dived
2016 - imaidiot19's Bean Dive - 169 Games Dived
2017 - imaidiot19's Bean Dive - 365 Games Dived

Total # of Games Dived: 1,260

Best Games - Games I want to go back to quickly
Axiom Verge, Dead Rising 4, death squared, Mafia 3, Snake Pass, The Fall, Virginia, What remains of Edith Finch, Little Nightmares, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, Lego City Undercover

Worst Games - Games I never want to play again
Bokosuka Wars II, Tour de France 2009

Favorite Achievement
The Golf Club 2Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Golf Club 2 worth 35 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Strangest Achievement
Pixel PiracyPOOPdeck...The POOPdeck... achievement in Pixel Piracy worth 52 pointsHave at least 5 poop on your ship

Games Skipped, due to long time requirements, or just me being lazy:
BloonsTD5, The Binding of Isaac, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, Yaris, Sam and Max Games, Sherlock, Monopoly Deal (These last 3 are 'easy' games, so i'll just complete them when I start them)

# of achievements to recover - 2,988
# of achievements per month - ~271
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planting42 won 2 Achievements in THIEF for 29 points
planting42THIEFplanting42 won the All That Glitters achievement in THIEF for 21 points as part of UHH 3
                            Secret Achievementplanting42 won the Secret Achievement in THIEF for 8 points
NeomasterGoat Simulator
Neomaster won 2 Achievements in Goat Simulator for 232 points
GRAND NOBLESlime Rancher
GRAND NOBLE won 2 Achievements in Slime Rancher for 26 points
GRAND NOBLESlime RancherGRAND NOBLE won the Fortunate achievement in Slime Rancher for 13 points as part of UHH 3
KrazieKrazie has reached a new milestone: 1,200,000 TrueAchievement Score
Krazie won 5 Achievements in Ink for 287 points
KrazieInkINKapacitated achievementKrazie won the INKapacitated achievement in Ink for 102 points
KrazieInkINKjustice achievementKrazie won the INKjustice achievement in Ink for 35 points
KrazieInkINKoming achievementKrazie won the INKoming achievement in Ink for 130 points
KrazieInkINKompetent achievementKrazie won the INKompetent achievement in Ink for 10 points
KrazieInkINKtroduction achievementKrazie won the INKtroduction achievement in Ink for 10 points
RadicalSniper99 won 6 Achievements in Fuse for 138 points
K4rn4ge won 22 Achievements in Minecraft for 1272 points
K4rn4geMinecraftIron Belly achievementK4rn4ge won the Iron Belly achievement in Minecraft for 50 points
K4rn4geMinecraftLibrarian achievementK4rn4ge won the Librarian achievement in Minecraft for 51 points
K4rn4geMinecraftArcher achievementK4rn4ge won the Archer achievement in Minecraft for 22 points
K4rn4geMinecraftPot Planter achievementK4rn4ge won the Pot Planter achievement in Minecraft for 41 points
K4rn4geMinecraftThe Beginning. achievementK4rn4ge won the The Beginning. achievement in Minecraft for 173 points
K4rn4geMinecraftEnchanter achievementK4rn4ge won the Enchanter achievement in Minecraft for 54 points
K4rn4geMinecraftWhen Pigs Fly achievementK4rn4ge won the When Pigs Fly achievement in Minecraft for 131 points
K4rn4geMinecraftMOAR Tools achievementK4rn4ge won the MOAR Tools achievement in Minecraft for 23 points
K4rn4geMinecraftIt's a Sign! achievementK4rn4ge won the It's a Sign! achievement in Minecraft for 30 points
K4rn4geMinecraftBenchmaking achievementK4rn4ge won the Benchmaking achievement in Minecraft for 12 points
K4rn4geMinecraftPork Chop achievementK4rn4ge won the Pork Chop achievement in Minecraft for 18 points
K4rn4geMinecraftBeam Me Up achievementK4rn4ge won the Beam Me Up achievement in Minecraft for 69 points
K4rn4geMinecraftFree Diver achievementK4rn4ge won the Free Diver achievement in Minecraft for 68 points
KrazieInkKrazie started the game Ink
Skeptical MarioSkeptical Mario has reached a new milestone: 125,000 GamerScore
Matt DB87Minecraft
Matt DB87 won 12 Achievements in Minecraft for 974 points
MH The RockstarNHL 18
MH The Rockstar won 3 Achievements in NHL 18 for 1259 points
K4rn4ge shared the The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game achievement list at 01:26 on 22 Sep 2017The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video GameK4rn4ge shared the The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game achievement list
Comment by oCAMP K1LL3Ro at 02:11 on 22 Sep 2017


Comment by izret102 at 03:47 on 22 Sep 2017

I was really hoping there was going to be a The Lego Batman The Movie The Game :-/

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K4rn4ge shared the Iron Wings achievement list at 01:26 on 22 Sep 2017Iron WingsK4rn4ge shared the Iron Wings achievement list
K4rn4ge shared the Zombie Party achievement list at 01:26 on 22 Sep 2017Zombie PartyK4rn4ge shared the Zombie Party achievement list
Comment by planting42 at 06:09 on 22 Sep 2017

Sounds like this one is right up Fream's alley.

DaveKineticFIFA 18
DaveKinetic won 2 Achievements in FIFA 18 for 54 points
DaveKineticFIFA 18
DaveKinetic won 12 Achievements in FIFA 18 for 1164 points
K4rn4ge won 32 Achievements in Minecraft for 1877 points
K4rn4geMinecraftThe End? achievementK4rn4ge won the The End? achievement in Minecraft for 68 points
K4rn4geMinecraftDry Spell achievementK4rn4ge won the Dry Spell achievement in Minecraft for 49 points
K4rn4geMinecraftSuper Fuel achievementK4rn4ge won the Super Fuel achievement in Minecraft for 50 points
K4rn4geMinecraftOverpowered achievementK4rn4ge won the Overpowered achievement in Minecraft for 101 points
K4rn4geMinecraftRepopulation achievementK4rn4ge won the Repopulation achievement in Minecraft for 35 points
K4rn4geMinecraftThe Lie achievementK4rn4ge won the The Lie achievement in Minecraft for 78 points
K4rn4geMinecraftBake Bread achievementK4rn4ge won the Bake Bread achievement in Minecraft for 30 points
K4rn4geMinecraftMap Room achievementK4rn4ge won the Map Room achievement in Minecraft for 157 points
K4rn4geMinecraftBody Guard achievementK4rn4ge won the Body Guard achievement in Minecraft for 51 points
K4rn4geMinecraftTrampoline achievementK4rn4ge won the Trampoline achievement in Minecraft for 45 points
K4rn4geMinecraftCow Tipper achievementK4rn4ge won the Cow Tipper achievement in Minecraft for 21 points
K4rn4geMinecraftDIAMONDS! achievementK4rn4ge won the DIAMONDS! achievement in Minecraft for 38 points
K4rn4geMinecraftInto Fire achievementK4rn4ge won the Into Fire achievement in Minecraft for 58 points
K4rn4geMinecraftIron Man achievementK4rn4ge won the Iron Man achievement in Minecraft for 26 points
K4rn4geMinecraftCamouflage achievementK4rn4ge won the Camouflage achievement in Minecraft for 99 points
K4rn4geMinecraftLion Tamer achievementK4rn4ge won the Lion Tamer achievement in Minecraft for 47 points
K4rn4geMinecraftOn A Rail achievementK4rn4ge won the On A Rail achievement in Minecraft for 117 points
K4rn4geMinecraftGetting Wood achievementK4rn4ge won the Getting Wood achievement in Minecraft for 11 points
MC0REBEFIFA 18MC0REBE has rated the game FIFA 18 5 out of 5
XynvincibleOXENFREEXynvincible has rated the game OXENFREE 5 out of 5
Matt DB87Minecraft
Matt DB87 won 8 Achievements in Minecraft for 812 points
BeanpotterAlan Wake
Beanpotter won 2 Achievements in Alan Wake for 54 points
MC0REBE won 4 Achievements in FIFA 18 for 296 points
Xynvincible won 3 Achievements in OXENFREE for 389 points
TomjehDestiny 2Tomjeh created a Co-op Gaming Session for the game Destiny 2
DaveKineticFIFA 18DaveKinetic started the game FIFA 18
SoupaBuoySonic ManiaComplete Specific GameSoupaBuoy failed their Goal - Complete Sonic Mania by 15 Sep 2017
Mr GranstaffBean Dive
Mr Granstaff won 1 achievement in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
Mr GranstaffBean DiveMr Granstaff has started a Bean Dive
Comment by Mr Granstaff at 21:48 on 21 Sep 2017

For any games I start during UHH 3. Hopefully it's not too many!

Comment by Facial La Fleur at 21:51 on 21 Sep 2017

Oh, it's gonna be many if you didn't manipulate your list.

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