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FattyMcFattzBleeding EdgeFiddy achievementFattyMcFattz won the Fiddy achievement in Bleeding Edge for 334 points
j2kworldBleeding Edgej2kworld won 4 Achievements in Bleeding Edge for 212 points
z RagnaroK zHalo Wars 2Awakening the Nightmarez RagnaroK z completed the Awakening the Nightmare DLC for Halo Wars 2
Comment by z RagnaroK z at 22:33 on 30 Mar 2020

Fun DLC overall. Achievements weren't too hard either. Now to finish up the rest of the game.

Comment by EarthboundX at 04:12 on 31 Mar 2020

Nice, would have helped, but the this specific DLC wasn't included in the edition of the game I bought, even though everything else was.

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z RagnaroK zHalo Wars 2z RagnaroK z won 3 Achievements in Halo Wars 2 for 335 points
j2kworldBleeding Edgej2kworld started the game Bleeding Edge

                Status change by z RagnaroK z at 21:29 on 30 Mar 2020z RagnaroK z status: Got some hard achievements for the CRAB event. Thankfully I have plenty of time while being isolated to work on them. Let the long haul begin. 1/15
ObeseMosquitoControlObeseMosquito started the game Control
FattyMcFattzFattyMcFattz has reached a new milestone: 160,000 GamerScore
FattyMcFattzFattyMcFattz has reached a new milestone: 290,000 TrueAchievement Score
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z RagnaroK zCRABz RagnaroK z registered for the CRAB event
FattyMcFattzThe Gardens BetweenFattyMcFattz won 17 Achievements in The Gardens Between for 1129 points
FattyMcFattzSubnauticaFattyMcFattz won 17 Achievements in Subnautica for 2159 points
FattyMcFattzSubnauticaFattyMcFattz started the game Subnautica
FattyMcFattzDOOM 64FattyMcFattz won 6 Achievements in DOOM 64 for 1303 points
ObeseMosquitoBleeding EdgeObeseMosquito started the game Bleeding Edge
FattyMcFattzDOOM 64FattyMcFattz won 4 Achievements in DOOM 64 for 729 points
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