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The Xbox 360 really isn't that old, when you think about it, but I've been feeling really nostalgic about it lately.
I go through my phases of nostalgia all the time; normally they include a look through my old drawings and a game on the Nintendo 64. Today I was looking through a folder of junk from my old computer I moved over before it became unusable, and I found the banner I made for "Shadow-Moogle's Confused Yiddler-Fan". You guys remember that? I can't remember how long ago that was now, but I assume it was a while. Man that was fun. That was the last time I tried for achievements...
Achievements. That was something I loved. I think I would LOVE to go back to achievement hunting, but my Xbox refuses to connect to the internet with our new homehub, so I don't wanna achievement hunt without Live...
Also while looking through the folder I found a file with all my old sprite work I used to make for FortressCraft... man, I miss Fortress Craft. I don't think I can play it without Live, so i can't go back on it at the moment. I remember spending WAY too much time in that game... All the hundreds upon hundreds of sprite work I did in it XD I always told myself I was better than all the other sprite artists in FortressCraft/Minecraft because I made the sprites myself... I dunno if that's a truth, but some of my sprites were pretty spectacular. I made this one of Terumi from BlazBlue that was so big, you couldn't quite fit the whole thing in the biggest screen view XD
Anyway, there was no real point to this, just reminiscing.
And, I'm not dead, but I won't be using TA much while I have no way of using my Xbox Live... As soon as I can get my Xbox connected up again (if ever), I'll be back, I miss you guys :(
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