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FarCry 4 is Pimp But Achievements Are Eh and Poker Games: Blog #1
(This is my first blog and I will see if I continue to make these. If you want to see some psychopathic loser gamer dude talk about video games and other crap, well I'm your shiny pot of gold or something. By the way, sorry if I suck with placing commas. I hate commas.)

Anyway, I just beat FarCry 4 and I will admit it was pretty awesome which was a no-brainer. I mean I was skeptical, but HOLY SHIZ they just improved the game from FarCry 3. Giant effin' map, awesome weapons, and action-packed moments all around. Now, some may say that it's basically similar to FarCry 3, but is that a bad thing if you think that way. If you do, it's just they implemented many new things to cause mayhem in many different ways that it makes my inner chaos demons smile with glee. Now, let's talk about achievements because I love them, you love them, and this whole site is devoted to them. Honestly, the achievements were surprisingly easier and quicker to do than I thought. Although, FarCry 3 didn't have any really difficult or time-consuming achievements in it either. I just wish they had a 100% achievement in FarCry 4 because I did 100% it, but you don't get any achievements which sucks because you only get achievements for partial completion. Apart from story-based ones, kill a certain amount of enemies with a certain weapon, and collectible crap you got multiplayer cheevos. I thought the multiplayer achievements were going to be bad, but they were down right enjoyable and quick to get. The only two achievements left I need is two co-op ones that can be done quick by hopping into a co-op game and nabbing them. Although, I love FarCry 4 hands down, I think the achievements could have been more creative and at least there should have been a 100% completion achievement because even though there are collectibles they don't feel too tedious.

Apart from FarCry 4 which I beat at a normal pace (And when I mean normal, skipping college to play it as soon as it comes out and staying up on the weekends til day-break) I've been on a hot-streak with game completions and I'm feeling great. If I am going to continue these blogs I have to say my main goal with achievements and that is to beat a close friend of mine, S Prototype, and I've been hot on his heels with gamerscore. These game completions have indeed helped and I'm going to list them off to make me feel awesome (not ego stroking, call it uhh loving-thyself or some crap) and these are in order from the past to recent:

Costume Quest 2
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Valiant Hearts: The Great War
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Saints Row 4 (with DLC)
South Park: The Stick of Truth

All of these games shocked me in a way because I thought just what I thought they would do, if you get what I'm saying. I'll explain. Well, first, Costume Quest 2 I wanted badly because I loved the first one and got the DLC for the first one, too. The thing I was surprised about is that I got it one the Xbox 360 and it's a arcade game and I was thinking 400 gamerscore for it. Nah, 1000 gamerscore and it was a pretty simple 1000. I guess they were to lazy to get rid of a couple achievements to make it 400 and was like "Fuck it" and I'm like "Kewl, Double Fine. Can you give me an extra 10,000 gamerscore, too," and I'm not being sarcastic it would just be awesome.

GTA: San Andreas shocked me because me and many others were thinking "Oh Shit" these achievements are going to be hard because 100% GTA: SA, though not impossible, is a long process and I do know because I have done it on PS2 back in the day. Another thing I will mention is that I like how GTA: SA implements like GTA 4 where if you use cheat codes then some achievements will be locked. Some people will say cheat codes make a game more fun and I agree to a point. Cheat codes are fun, but where I disagree is when you use cheat codes to beat the game, that's BS.

Valiant Hearts and Saints Row 4 didn't really shock me. I will say Valiant Hearts was fun and I do recommend it and if you can get it on sale you got yourself a nice virtual gem for your virtual shelf in your Xbox. Saints Row 4 I knew I could complete and I finally got back to it. I already had the long term achievements done, just needed to finish the DLC crap and let the game run for another hour and a half. Just glad I got them done and they were a blast doing them.

Call of Duty 4 went pretty smoothly as I was stuck on that gay-ass part where you snipe the guy at the beginning and have to hold-up til the helicopter comes and I'm playing on veteran. HOLY BALLS, dude, that part is so much crap and I bet a lot of people knows it. I fuckin' cheat though, haha. The level has a giant Ferris Wheel and a little ticket booth, I hid in that and it worked. I thought it was a long shot, but man they had enough grenades to blow a whole to China that they were throwing at me. I did it though; picked the douchebag guy up from the weeds and ran my ass to helicopter screaming and crying to get inside that thing. There is only one checkpoint and it's far back. You should have seen the tears in my eyes when I was stuck on one of the soldier guys who came out of it and the helicopter itself while getting shot and my screen getting redder and redder. Anyway, finished that punk-ass level, did the campaign, and Mile High Club didn't go to bad either.

The last game is South Park: The Stick of Truth and I felt so good when I got them all. If you like achievements but you are like me where you don't look at achievements because you think it will ruin the story of the game, I recommend using the guide on the site to get all the achievements. First, I want to say thank you to, Quickdraw1988, because he did a great job that I could not thank him enough. He was so detailed in his walkthrough that it was so easy to follow. The second thing is if you are going to start the game and you want achievements and want the story too, you NEED TO FOLLOW THIS GUIDE. If you follow this, you can still get the wonder of this story because the story and comedy in this game is great. Really though, if you follow this guide while playing for the first time it will not ruin your fun with the game.

I finished those and I was working on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but those DAMN STRIKE MISSIONS ON VETERAN. They blow and every person who has played the campaign knows it. They are nearly impossible to beat on veteran and just suck. So, I said fuck it, gave it the finger and watched some King of the Hill episodes. Even when watching videos on YouTube on how to beat them, it didn't help. Fuck it roll.

Besides that and before FarCry 4, I've been playing some poker game. I think it is called World Series Poker or something. I'm a fan of poker (not to good), but when I play poker on a console it just has no appeal to me and I knew it when buying this game. But, I had a few extra bucks at Gamestop and I have everything else. I want to know what people think when they make achievements for games. They need to make them reasonable, really. I mean, if the creators of the game are not going to grind for hours on end to do everything last thing in this sub-par poker game, you think I'm going to. Well, I'll show them. I will spend over 50+ hours doing everything in this game and getting all these achievements (one day I will). I mean the creators and developers of this game are either working on greater projects (like Fallout 4) or making flashgames for Newgrounds, but I think they will feel it in their bones they someone actually did everything in their poker game and they feeling always makes their stomachs sick and gives them diarrhea for the night. And that is what I thrive for in life, having a small chance of magically giving the developers of a crappy poker game diarrhea. Sweet bliss.

Well, that's been my two weeks. In real life stuff going on with me. I got a math test Monday and a few paper due Tuesday. When that's done, I got all week off for Thanksgiving and achievements here I come.

Thanks for reading this and I hope to do more blogs because this was fun to write.
Posted by jukemate on 24 November 14 at 06:48 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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