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Perfect Dark Zero... What ever happened to single player??

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xSneakyBurrit0xAttack of the Toy TanksxSneakyBurrit0x completed the game Attack of the Toy Tanks and is the 1,592nd gamer on the site to complete it
xSneakyBurrit0xMinitxSneakyBurrit0x won 3 Achievements in Minit for 92 points
xSneakyBurrit0xMinitxSneakyBurrit0x started the game Minit
xSneakyBurrit0xThe SurgexSneakyBurrit0x started the game The Surge
Razor8674AnniversaryRazor8674 is celebrating their birthday today!
Razor8674The Outer WorldsRazor8674 won 2 Achievements in The Outer Worlds for 82 points
xSneakyBurrit0xRush: A Disney Pixar AdventurexSneakyBurrit0x won 16 Achievements in Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure for 657 points
Gean WitzHuman Fall FlatIce LevelGean Witz completed the Ice Level DLC for Human Fall Flat
Gean WitzHuman Fall FlatGean Witz won 4 Achievements in Human Fall Flat for 391 points
Gean WitzHuman Fall FlatIce LevelGean Witz started the Ice Level DLC for Human Fall Flat
Razor8674Razor8674 has reached a new milestone: 18,250 Achievements Won
Razor8674Thimbleweed ParkRazor8674 won 2 Achievements in Thimbleweed Park for 214 points
xSneakyBurrit0xQuantum BreakxSneakyBurrit0x won 3 Achievements in Quantum Break for 90 points
Razor8674The Outer WorldsRazor8674 won 3 Achievements in The Outer Worlds for 69 points
xSneakyBurrit0xPaladinxSneakyBurrit0x completed the game Paladin and is the 2,102nd gamer on the site to complete it
Razor8674The Outer WorldsRazor8674 started the game The Outer Worlds
xSneakyBurrit0xPaladinxSneakyBurrit0x won 20 Achievements in Paladin for 1040 points
xSneakyBurrit0xPaladinxSneakyBurrit0x started the game Paladin
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