Just discovered that there is an Xbox one remastered version of Bioshock 1,2, and infinite. As well as pc versions.


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Japanese Games (and Console) for Sale! (UPDATED 6/24/16)
Share this with your friends that has a Jap console and/or is big into achievements and might be interested in getting into japanese games since I have a console for sale.

Hello everyone! I have risen from the dead! haha

It's come time to sell my Jap Console and games seeing as how I haven't turned an Xbox on in like two years. I've just been sitting on this stuff and it's time to turn it into money. Below I will list all the games and prices and leave a link to an imgur album that has all of the pictures and more details about the condition and pricing.

I was hoping to sell all of this myself instead of having to go through eBay so I have cut my prices to beat prices you will see on eBay. Send me a PM with the items you wish to purchase. You will pay through PayPal and send the money as a gift so no fees are incurred by either of us. If you buy 4 or more games and live in the US I will waive shipping cost (console not included). I will ship international as well. I will ship via USPS and you chose the shipping speed and I will get an estimated cost to ship based on your address and you add that cost to the total for what you buy.

The Console
Xbox 360 Original Arcade (20 gig HDD) $180 OBO.

The Games

Click the spoiler tag to reveal the games list. (It's kinda long)

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