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                  Status change by HaxAras at 09:55 on 17 Jan 2018HaxAras status: Gears 2 JP: Seriously 2.0 - 80,000/100,000 kills - Level 100/100.
GamerScoreM4STAClicker Heroes
These items contain commentsGamerScoreM4STA won 3 Achievements in Clicker Heroes for 174 points
GamerScoreM4STAClicker HeroesClicker hero achievementGamerScoreM4STA won the Clicker hero achievement in Clicker Heroes for 69 points
Comment by GamerScoreM4STA at 08:06 on 17 Jan 2018

Took me 4 hours and 53 minutes to get

ProdxProdx has reached a new milestone: 250 Games Played
f1zz9i9Wolfenstein: The New Order
f1zz9i9 won 19 Achievements in Wolfenstein: The New Order for 384 points
HaxArasGears of War 2 (JP)Veteran Gear achievementHaxAras won the Veteran Gear achievement in Gears of War 2 (JP) for 237 points
Comment by Living Legends at 09:49 on 17 Jan 2018

Wow, nice job. Want to help me boost it headspin

Comment by HaxAras at 10:00 on 17 Jan 2018

I'm so done with this game. I am going to help some people with the online. I think we need 2 more to have a full group. I need 20,000 kills and 3 collectibles & I'm done

                  Gamertag change for Speedside at 07:16 on 17 Jan 2018Tyruta has changed their GamerTag to Speedside Speedside
Th3FreakinRicanMetro: Last LightTh3FreakinRican completed the base game Metro: Last Light and is the 2,584th gamer on the site to complete it
soul soviverSMITE
soul soviver won 25 Achievements in SMITE for 1498 points
soul soviverSMITEBack at Ya achievementsoul soviver won the Back at Ya achievement in SMITE for 23 points
soul soviverSMITEHeads Up! achievementsoul soviver won the Heads Up! achievement in SMITE for 45 points
soul soviverSMITEWave Dash achievementsoul soviver won the Wave Dash achievement in SMITE for 49 points
soul soviverSMITENo Scope achievementsoul soviver won the No Scope achievement in SMITE for 74 points
soul soviverSMITEGot You achievementsoul soviver won the Got You achievement in SMITE for 19 points
soul soviverSMITEAxemanship achievementsoul soviver won the Axemanship achievement in SMITE for 79 points
soul soviverSMITEBowmanship achievementsoul soviver won the Bowmanship achievement in SMITE for 43 points
soul soviverSMITEI'm A Pro! achievementsoul soviver won the I'm A Pro! achievement in SMITE for 186 points
soul soviverSMITEOuch! achievementsoul soviver won the Ouch! achievement in SMITE for 32 points
soul soviverSMITERampage achievementsoul soviver won the Rampage achievement in SMITE for 46 points
soul soviverSMITESupernova achievementsoul soviver won the Supernova achievement in SMITE for 60 points
soul soviverSMITEDisapparate achievementsoul soviver won the Disapparate achievement in SMITE for 16 points
Achvment FreakSMITE
Achvment Freak won 21 Achievements in SMITE for 1071 points
soul soviverSMITEThe Grim Weaversoul soviver completed the The Grim Weaver DLC for SMITE
mossfan563mossfan563 is celebrating their birthday today!
Flames RisesSpongeBob's Truth or SquareFlames Rises completed the game SpongeBob's Truth or Square and is the 2,874th gamer on the site to complete it
JuicyjamsTwo Worlds II
Juicyjams won 3 Achievements in Two Worlds II for 301 points
soul soviverSMITEViking Invasionsoul soviver completed the Viking Invasion DLC for SMITE
Achvment FreakSMITEValkyrie ReloadedAchvment Freak completed the Valkyrie Reloaded DLC for SMITE
Achvment FreakAchvment Freak has reached a new milestone: 12,000 Achievements Won
Achvment FreakSMITEFatal AwakeningAchvment Freak completed the Fatal Awakening DLC for SMITE
soul soviverSMITETerror of the Nightsoul soviver completed the Terror of the Night DLC for SMITE
Flames RisesSpongeBob's Truth or Square
Flames Rises won 19 Achievements in SpongeBob's Truth or Square for 693 points
Achvment FreakSMITECyber SentinelAchvment Freak started the Cyber Sentinel DLC for SMITE
DRF PatchBlood Bowl 2
DRF Patch won 2 Achievements in Blood Bowl 2 for 112 points
GamerScoreM4STAClicker HeroesGamerScoreM4STA started the game Clicker Heroes
Comment by GamerScoreM4STA at 03:38 on 17 Jan 2018

This is actually pretty cool

soul soviverSMITEDwarven Corruptionsoul soviver completed the Dwarven Corruption DLC for SMITE
FoolzparadiceMad Max
Foolzparadice won 2 Achievements in Mad Max for 31 points
Matt DB87Nevermind
Matt DB87 won 2 Achievements in Nevermind for 103 points
soul soviversoul soviver has reached a new milestone: 10,250 Achievements Won
soul soviversoul soviver has reached a new milestone: 210,000 GamerScore
catranRocket LeagueNice Hat achievementcatran won the Nice Hat achievement in Rocket League for 18 points
HaxArasHaxAras has reached a new milestone: 11,250 Achievements Won
HaxArasTorchlightHaxAras started the game Torchlight
soul soviverSMITEProtect and Supportsoul soviver completed the Protect and Support DLC for SMITE
soul soviverSMITEShadows of Olympussoul soviver completed the Shadows of Olympus DLC for SMITE
teengirlsquad4The Jackbox Party Pack 4teengirlsquad4 has rated the game The Jackbox Party Pack 4 5 out of 5
mossfan563Girl Fightmossfan563 started the game Girl Fight
BG cartortroyZOMBI
BG cartortroy won 2 Achievements in ZOMBI for 40 Gamerscore
BG cartortroyZOMBIOutbreak achievementBG cartortroy won the Outbreak achievement in ZOMBI for 10 Gamerscore
BG cartortroyZOMBIBurninated! achievementBG cartortroy won the Burninated! achievement in ZOMBI for 30 Gamerscore
soul soviverSMITEThe Reborn Princesoul soviver completed the The Reborn Prince DLC for SMITE
BG cartortroyZOMBI
BG cartortroy won 4 Achievements in ZOMBI for 60 Gamerscore
BG cartortroyZOMBIHeadshot! achievementBG cartortroy won the Headshot! achievement in ZOMBI for 10 Gamerscore
BG cartortroyZOMBISafehouse achievementBG cartortroy won the Safehouse achievement in ZOMBI for 10 Gamerscore
Ingen kommentarGet Even
Ingen kommentar won 4 Achievements in Get Even for 110 Gamerscore
Ingen kommentarGet Even
                            Secret AchievementIngen kommentar won the Secret Achievement in Get Even for 40 Gamerscore
Ingen kommentarGet Even
                            Secret AchievementIngen kommentar won the Secret Achievement in Get Even for 30 Gamerscore
Ingen kommentarGet Even
                            Secret AchievementIngen kommentar won the Secret Achievement in Get Even for 20 Gamerscore
BG cartortroyZOMBIBG cartortroy started the game ZOMBI
Achvment FreakSMITE
Achvment Freak won 2 Achievements in SMITE for 103 points
BG cartortroyHalo Wars 2
BG cartortroy won 2 Achievements in Halo Wars 2 for 90 Gamerscore
soul soviverSMITE
soul soviver won 2 Achievements in SMITE for 333 points
soul soviverSMITETrick Shot achievementsoul soviver won the Trick Shot achievement in SMITE for 273 points
ThulgrumThulgrum has reached a new milestone: 26,750 Achievements Won
Comment by KilldbyNecropsy at 23:41 on 16 Jan 2018

That a lot of achievements

Comment by Ryzo Arashikage at 00:05 on 17 Jan 2018

Holy Crap. Thats like 9x more than I have unlocked. #Beastmodecontinues

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