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Corrupt XBAPetite AdventureCorrupt XBA won 2 Achievements in Petite Adventure for 180 points
Corrupt XBAPetite AdventureCorrupt XBA started the game Petite Adventure

                  Status change by Corrupt XBA at 17:23 on 08 Dec 2022Corrupt XBA status: First in the world to 7250 games played
Corrupt XBATower of TimeCorrupt XBA started the game Tower of Time
Corrupt XBAMegaquariumCorrupt XBA started the game Megaquarium
Corrupt XBASoccer StoryCorrupt XBA started the game Soccer Story
Corrupt XBAIntrepid IzzyCorrupt XBA started the game Intrepid Izzy
Corrupt XBAMEGALAN 11Corrupt XBA started the game MEGALAN 11
Arsenic 17Dunk LordsArsenic 17 started the game Dunk Lords
The DiscThe Callisto ProtocolThe Disc completed the story in The Callisto Protocol
Arsenic 17LakeFree Spirit achievementArsenic 17 won the Free Spirit achievement in Lake for 136 points
Arsenic 17LakeArsenic 17 completed the story in Lake
A 2rue LeGacYSaints RowA 2rue LeGacY won 2 Achievements in Saints Row for 75 points
Lostcause365Vampire SurvivorsLostcause365 won 20 Achievements in Vampire Survivors for 111 points
UDGuyUDGuy has reached a new milestone: 725 Games Played
UDGuyMinecraft DungeonsUDGuy completed the game Minecraft Dungeons and is the 436th gamer on the site to complete it
Active Targets
December Achievement Days Target
December Achievement Days TargetEarn achievements on 5+ different days
Joined on 28 Nov 2022
Ends on 31 Dec 2022
4,330 participants
montrossityBronze medal
7 days for Silver
Silver medal
December Snow or Ice Target
December Snow or Ice TargetEarn 3+ achievements with "snow" or "ice" in the achievement name or game name
Joined on 28 Nov 2022
Ends on 31 Dec 2022
3,533 participants
3 achievements for Bronze
Bronze medal
December Sale Target
December Sale TargetEarn 500+ Gamerscore in games that have been on sale in 2022
Joined on 28 Nov 2022
Ends on 31 Dec 2022
4,127 participants
95 gamerscore for Bronze
Bronze medal
Weekly Leaderboard Pos Gamers %ile
Gamerscore Week 50 2022 26,385 141,110 18.70
TA Difference Week 50 2022 29,303 120,368 24.34
TrueAchievement Week 50 2022 29,963 141,110 21.23
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
DonkeyTheBard Over 18 and Under 30 Public 10 2,010 0.50
omgeezus my gamertag is in lowercase Request 9 323 2.79
Marx0r Circle of Awesome Request 6 33 18.18

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