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mighty rkAnniversarymighty rk is celebrating their 10-year anniversary of joining TrueAchievements.com
NimReplikaMarvel's Guardians of the GalaxyNimReplika won 18 Achievements in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy for 600 points
nacdLakenacd won 2 Achievements in Lake for 250 points
nacdLakeMovie Carrier achievementnacd won the Movie Carrier achievement in Lake for 122 points
nacdLakeShutter Bug achievementnacd won the Shutter Bug achievement in Lake for 128 points
MY3blKAHTForza StreetCommitted achievementMY3blKAHT won the Committed achievement in Forza Street for 175 points

                Gamertag change for MagicaL Marz at 04:43 on 26 Jan 2022Gexlo has changed their GamerTag to MagicaL Marz
Insr118Insr118 has reached a new milestone: 620,000 TrueAchievement Score
mozgomWolfenstein: Youngbloodmozgom won 3 Achievements in Wolfenstein: Youngblood for 37 points
nacdLeft 4 DeadCrash Coursenacd completed the Crash Course DLC for Left 4 Dead
nacdLeft 4 Deadnacd won 2 Achievements in Left 4 Dead for 120 points
BoronchikDOOM EternalBoronchik won 2 Achievements in DOOM Eternal for 58 points
AdaptiveBore12Spelunky 2AdaptiveBore12 won 3 Achievements in Spelunky 2 for 376 points
nacdLakenacd won 4 Achievements in Lake for 497 points
nacdLakeMetal Detector achievementnacd won the Metal Detector achievement in Lake for 135 points
nacdLakeCat Lover achievementnacd won the Cat Lover achievement in Lake for 105 points
nacdLakeTower Watcher achievementnacd won the Tower Watcher achievement in Lake for 126 points
nacdLakeHigher Ground achievementnacd won the Higher Ground achievement in Lake for 130 points
AdaptiveBore12Deadly DaysAdaptiveBore12 won 2 Achievements in Deadly Days for 158 points
nacdLakenacd started the game Lake
Larik391Gears 5Larik391 won 4 Achievements in Gears 5 for 103 points

                Gamertag change for MagicaL Marz at 04:44 on 25 Jan 2022MagicaL Marz has changed their GamerTag to MagicaL Marz
Comment by VisibleRaptor5 at 13:11 on 25 Jan 2022

What is with the name changes?

Comment by MagicaL Marz at 19:17 on 25 Jan 2022

Is actually a bug, my gamertag on xbox one is MagicaL Marz, in Xbox 360 is Gexlo. Idk why this still happening is kinda annoying

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