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Chris mad manChris mad man has reached a new milestone: 1,610,000 TrueAchievement Score
Chris mad manGiana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's CutChris mad man completed the game Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut and is the 205th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by ReiZero2 at 06:41 on 28 Feb 2020

Well done Chris!

Corrupt XBACorrupt XBA has reached a new milestone: 40,750 Achievements Won
o EcLiipzEDreamBallo EcLiipzE has rated the game DreamBall 1 out of 5
Comment by SkarviT at 13:35 on 27 Feb 2020


o EcLiipzEThe Sims 4o EcLiipzE completed the game The Sims 4 and is the 671st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by SkarviT at 13:34 on 27 Feb 2020

Nice :D

o EcLiipzEDreamBallo EcLiipzE completed the game DreamBall and is the 87th gamer on the site to complete it
o EcLiipzEBean Diveo EcLiipzE won 19 achievements in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
Corrupt XBAGrizzlandCorrupt XBA won 5 Achievements in Grizzland for 379 points
Corrupt XBAGrizzlandNinja achievementCorrupt XBA won the Ninja achievement in Grizzland for 86 points
Corrupt XBAGrizzlandGardener achievementCorrupt XBA won the Gardener achievement in Grizzland for 83 points
Corrupt XBAGrizzlandStrike! achievementCorrupt XBA won the Strike! achievement in Grizzland for 88 points
Corrupt XBAGrizzlandRookie achievementCorrupt XBA won the Rookie achievement in Grizzland for 61 points
Corrupt XBAYakuza 0
            Secret AchievementCorrupt XBA won the Secret Achievement in Yakuza 0 for 15 points
Corrupt XBAYakuza 0Corrupt XBA started the game Yakuza 0
Corrupt XBADynasty Warriors 6 (KR)Corrupt XBA started the game Dynasty Warriors 6 (KR)
Comment by Corrupt XBA at 22:53 on 26 Feb 2020

Just need the HK/TW stack now!

Corrupt XBASUPERHOTCorrupt XBA won 3 Achievements in SUPERHOT for 148 points
            Secret AchievementCorrupt XBA won the Secret Achievement in SUPERHOT for 38 points
            Secret AchievementCorrupt XBA won the Secret Achievement in SUPERHOT for 74 points
Corrupt XBASUPERHOTRed achievementCorrupt XBA won the Red achievement in SUPERHOT for 36 points
o EcLiipzEDreamBallo EcLiipzE won 2 Achievements in DreamBall for 216 points
Corrupt XBAGrizzlandCorrupt XBA started the game Grizzland
Corrupt XBAVasilisFirst Day achievementCorrupt XBA won the First Day achievement in Vasilis for 50 points
Corrupt XBAVasilisCorrupt XBA started the game Vasilis
o EcLiipzEThe Sims 4o EcLiipzE won 10 Achievements in The Sims 4 for 724 points

                Status change by Chris mad man at 03:50 on 26 Feb 2020Chris mad man status: Resident Evil 3 looks awesome! With that said Nemesis is the new kool-aid man.
Comment by AndreFlash83 at 19:11 on 26 Feb 2020 take a look at this 😍

Comment by Chris mad man at 22:09 on 26 Feb 2020

Trust me I spent a good few hours looking up the info like craazy. There is very few games worth getting excited for, but this game could be a masterpiece!

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