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So, I was on a mission to 100% Metro Exodus. With me previously beating the game on Normal and Hardcore Ranger there was an update called ''Ranger Update'' that introduced a new game mode: New Game+ with 3 new achievements. So this was a perfect opportunity to get back in the game, I went ahead an started a new game+ with Iron mode on ( cannot use quick save system ) and kept my previous weapons and set the Day/Night cycle to 24h.

I did beat the game and unlock all the achievements from the ranger update and was left with one:
Metro ExodusForest childo IExcisionThe Forest child achievement in Metro Exodus worth 58 pointsComplete the TAIGA level without attacking anyone or getting noticed.

Sounds pretty easy right?

Guess again....

I now found my self in a position where i had to complete the entire level in one go with out being spotted, couldn't wait until night due to 24h time and the bugged boat part in pirate camp that was near impossible to pass, so being caught meant restarting the level from the begging and watching all the cinematics every single time you got spotted (Remember Iron Mode one.. complete the level in one Go, No Saving) ...... angry

After about 200 times trying i did get lucky once.. using speed run methods to skip areas and avoid enemy spawning probably shortened the total time spent by half facepalm

But yeah lesson learned: Be careful of the easy achievements and different game modes that are being brought in later after the game is released, this could spell D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R.
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