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2018 Plans - My Biggest & Final Year?
To put it simply, I'm incredibly tired of this 'hobby' to get gamerscore.

I often times feel like what I do here is a second job. Maybe I'm getting older? Who ...

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SwankyCriminalSwankyCriminal has reached a new milestone: 630,000 TrueAchievement Score
SighrisVictor VranOn Parole achievementSighris won the On Parole achievement in Victor Vran for 109 points
SwankyCriminalMicrosoft SudokuSwankyCriminal won 19 Achievements in Microsoft Sudoku for 657 points
SighrisVictor VranSighris completed the base game Victor Vran and is the 52nd gamer on the site to complete it
SighrisVictor VranSighris won 2 Achievements in Victor Vran for 1113 points

                Status change by Sighris at 22:30 on 10 Jul 2020Sighris status: 570/570 challenges down in victor vran... thankful that is over
Comment by dunnasaurus rex at 23:04 on 10 Jul 2020


Stealth DavidOne More DungeonStealth David completed the game One More Dungeon and is the 34th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Stealth David at 19:07 on 10 Jul 2020

Only 34 people for a 2 year old ratalika game!

Comment by Raw Sauce Ross at 19:09 on 10 Jul 2020

Roguelite is probably why

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Stallion83Streets of Rage 4Stallion83 started the game Streets of Rage 4
BlackHawkMarineBlackHawkMarine has reached a new milestone: 7,250 Achievements Won
BlackHawkMarineBlackHawkMarine has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 69%
Comment by Skyline Severed at 16:10 on 10 Jul 2020

Heh. Nice.

Comment by z RagnaroK z at 20:22 on 10 Jul 2020


BlackHawkMarineEndless Legend (Win 10)BlackHawkMarine completed the game Endless Legend (Win 10) and is the 2,186th gamer on the site to complete it
BlackHawkMarineEndless Legend (Win 10)BlackHawkMarine won 37 Achievements in Endless Legend (Win 10) for 522 points
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GamerScore in Racing Games USA 23 View history chart 37,319 0.06
GamerScore in Simulation Racing Games USA 13 View history chart 31,347 0.04
Achievements Completion %age in All Games Louisiana 6 View history chart 354 1.69
Completed Games in All Games Louisiana 1 View history chart 354 0.28
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