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Under a Week Before BF3 Hits

Under a week before Battlefield 3 hits the shelves and since I can't do much I figured I would go through my list of arcade / Games on Demand games to see how many I could go through until then. After the Release I may still be going for this if the servers are still fubar.

Oh did I mention it's a long list? Hehe....

79 Arcade Games
40 Started but not finished
5 Completed
Incomplete Games that I can't complete 2; Pinball FX 2 (not buying all those tables) and Full House Poker (can't do spring Texas Heat)

There are however 2 games I won't bother with, Bejeweled 2 and Breach. Bejeweled is way too hard and the online servers for Breach are near non-existent. Both I've never gained an achievement in so I'm good.

All of these games I bought when they were on deals and just never played them.

One notable completion is Hexid HD, and an interesting stat from the True Achievement website. 115,745 people have registered play with the game (gaining an achievement) however only 2,086 people have actually completed it. 1.79% of people tracked on TA have completed the game.. that's more than a completion in my book, that's an accomplishment. I can understand why so few people complete it though. The Grand Pearl Poobah achievement is a big pain unless you understand how to actually setup and control the board. Interesting puzzle game from the guy who created Tetris I say.

Right now I've been blasting my way through Galaga. After that I'll probally be going back to Pac-man C.E. and see if I can actually finish it without the frustration. Extra Mode with 5 minutes is pure garbage to complete.

We'll see how many I can churn out until next tuesday, I should be able to do at least 5, so that is my goal.

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