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Games I need to complete.
cn_guide My 95% and above List cn_guide

Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway - 25 online matches.
Call of duty 3 - Veteran difficulty.
Call of duty: WaW - 1st & 10th prestige.
Call of duty: MW3 - Overachiever.
Crysis - Delta: Act 3 & Cool In A Crysis.
Gears of War - Seriously.
Gears of War 2 - Seriously 2.0.
Forza 4 - Bucket List & Forza World
Lips - 200,000 stars.
Medal of Honour - Tier 1 & Conspicuous Gallantry.
Midnight Club L.A - Gooal, Have Car Will Travel & True Dedication.
Saints Row - Pimp killer & Blinged out Ride.
Sega Superstars Tennis - TBTGTA & Super Sonic.
Turning Point - Maybe I Should Go Outside.

My 90 - 94% List

Data being analysed ...............................

Fuck it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Too many to list. Lol ??

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Thanks for looking.
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Ali060 won 2 Achievements in Spheroids for 51 points
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Ali060SpheroidsAli060 started the game Spheroids
Ali060Guns, Gore & CannoliAli060 has rated the game Guns, Gore & Cannoli 1.5 out of 5
Ali060Guns, Gore & Cannoli
Ali060 won 2 Achievements in Guns, Gore & Cannoli for 51 points
Ali060Guns, Gore & CannoliAli060 started the game Guns, Gore & Cannoli
Ali060BedlamAli060 has rated the game Bedlam 2.5 out of 5
Ali060 won 2 Achievements in Bedlam for 121 points
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Ali060BedlamUp-Diddley-Up-Up achievementAli060 won the Up-Diddley-Up-Up achievement in Bedlam for 60 points
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                  Status change by BulgyDragonZord at 10:29 on 22 Sep 2017BulgyDragonZord status: How do you get your own music on the XBox One? Might put on some VGM Music in some Racing Games.
Comment by TRACKEY at 10:51 on 22 Sep 2017

Have the music you want on a USB and plug it into your xbox.

Comment by TRACKEY at 11:05 on 22 Sep 2017

Then use the BMP app. Costs a 1 time payment of 99p. Its better than paying £8+ a month for Groove

Opus TakiDon't Knock Twice
Opus Taki won 2 Achievements in Don't Knock Twice for 81 points
PrinzHintzPrinzHintz has reached a new milestone: 12,250 Achievements Won
ScuzzyBunnyCities: SkylinesScuzzyBunny started the game Cities: Skylines
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Opus TakiDestiny 2Opus Taki started the game Destiny 2
PrinzHintzNeed for Speed
PrinzHintz won 2 Achievements in Need for Speed for 32 points
Itz Storm75Battlefield 1
These items contain commentsItz Storm75 won 3 Achievements in Battlefield 1 for 151 points
Itz Storm75Battlefield 1Corporal achievementItz Storm75 won the Corporal achievement in Battlefield 1 for 12 points
Comment by FuzzedUpCookie at 21:19 on 21 Sep 2017

enojying that double xp event already i see ;P

Random Fire RegDestiny 2Random Fire Reg started the game Destiny 2

                  Status change by BulgyDragonZord at 18:50 on 21 Sep 2017BulgyDragonZord status: Priorities: Transformers WFC & FOC Sessions, BioShock 2 (Help Group), Call Of Juarez (Help Group), Driver (Angelus & Rag & Mike?) & Roblox
Comment by Man Hunt3 at 19:05 on 21 Sep 2017

I'd be interested in doing Call of Juarez and would also like to do the 4 player achievement in Roblox.

Comment by BulgyDragonZord at 19:07 on 21 Sep 2017

You might want to ask Mike about the Call Of Juarez game and how many accounts do you have for Roblox out of curiousity.

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Ali060 won 8 Achievements in Bedlam for 439 points
Gaggman0507 won 3 Achievements in Minecraft for 106 points
HAMbidextrous1Project CARSHAMbidextrous1 completed the game Project CARS and is the 213th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by failurewarning at 15:37 on 21 Sep 2017

Awesome job sir

Comment by erod550 at 19:18 on 21 Sep 2017

Well done. That community challenge one was a grind.

Comment by HAMbidextrous1 at 01:01 on 22 Sep 2017

Indeed. I should have paid more attention to it earlier. Thanx Paul.

HAMbidextrous1Project CARS
HAMbidextrous1 won 2 Achievements in Project CARS for 187 points
InsaneDopeClownInsaneDopeClown is celebrating their birthday today!
Opus TakiF1 2017Opus Taki completed the game F1 2017 and is the 6th gamer on the site to complete it
Opus TakiF1 2017
Opus Taki won 4 Achievements in F1 2017 for 188 points
Opus TakiF1 2017
Opus Taki won 4 Achievements in F1 2017 for 823 points
DivineWind72DivineWind72 has reached a new milestone: 825 Games Played
PrinzHintz won 3 Achievements in SSX for 21 points
PrinzHintzSSXI Am A Ghost achievementPrinzHintz won the I Am A Ghost achievement in SSX for 8 points
PrinzHintzSSXPrinzHintz won the I'm Alive! achievement in SSX for 7 points as part of UHH 3
PrinzHintzSSXGear Up! achievementPrinzHintz won the Gear Up! achievement in SSX for 6 points
AJBowie won 2 Achievements in OXENFREE for 92 points
AJBowieOXENFREEIt's A Me achievementAJBowie won the It's A Me achievement in OXENFREE for 22 points
DivineWind72Far Cry PrimalDivineWind72 started the game Far Cry Primal
AJBowieOXENFREEAJBowie started the game OXENFREE
Moomin74Gems of WarMoomin74 completed the base game Gems of War and is the 3,979th gamer on the site to complete it
Moomin74Gems of WarCenturion achievementMoomin74 won the Centurion achievement in Gems of War for 289 points
TRACKEYSnipersTRACKEY completed the game Snipers and is the 111th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by BulgyDragonZord at 17:24 on 20 Sep 2017

Now that's a nice completed position... 111. "Now pull yourself together!"

Comment by TRACKEY at 17:31 on 20 Sep 2017

Thanks for the help with this one Bulgy.

AJBowieBlackwood CrossingAJBowie completed the game Blackwood Crossing and is the 1,158th gamer on the site to complete it
Gaggman0507Turtle's Quest (Win 10)Gaggman0507 completed the game Turtle's Quest (Win 10) and is the 267th gamer on the site to complete it
TG IceStormMetro: Last Light ReduxTG IceStorm completed the game Metro: Last Light Redux and is the 1,706th gamer on the site to complete it
PrinzHintz won 2 Achievements in THIEF for 21 points
PrinzHintzTHIEFPrinzHintz won the Secret Achievement in THIEF for 5 points as part of UHH 3
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PrinzHintz won 2 Achievements in Peggle 2 for 130 points
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