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brent1221Race with Ryanbrent1221 won 4 Achievements in Race with Ryan for 273 points
mfeforeverInjustice 2mfeforever started the game Injustice 2
TheviusRacoonusMadden NFL 21TheviusRacoonus completed the game Madden NFL 21 and is the 766th gamer on the site to complete it
Maxumilli0nMaxumilli0n has reached a new milestone: 1,820,000 TrueAchievement Score
Tank Force UKGears 5Tank Force UK won 2 Achievements in Gears 5 for 43 points
Tank Force UKGears 5Tank Force UK started the game Gears 5
PistolMcAwesomePAC-MAN WORLD Re-PACPistolMcAwesome has rated the game PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC 4 out of 5
CrazyScaryGuyCrazyScaryGuy has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 97%
MrsodVampire SurvivorsMrsod won 4 Achievements in Vampire Survivors for 77 points
oinkbatEastwardoinkbat won 2 Achievements in Eastward for 22 points
oinkbatEastwardoinkbat started the game Eastward
ClockKingRMLakeClockKingRM won 3 Achievements in Lake for 352 points
ClockKingRMLakeCat Lover achievementClockKingRM won the Cat Lover achievement in Lake for 104 points
ClockKingRMLakeTower Watcher achievementClockKingRM won the Tower Watcher achievement in Lake for 122 points
ClockKingRMLakeHigher Ground achievementClockKingRM won the Higher Ground achievement in Lake for 124 points
ClockKingRMLakeClockKingRM started the game Lake
M0NTE FUEG0Race with RyanM0NTE FUEG0 started the game Race with Ryan
TheviusRacoonusMadden NFL 21TheviusRacoonus won 3 Achievements in Madden NFL 21 for 551 points
MrsodVampire SurvivorsMrsod won 5 Achievements in Vampire Survivors for 120 points
KimyPooh00Overwatch 2KimyPooh00 won 2 Achievements in Overwatch 2 for 55 points
aburstofskillEscape Academyaburstofskill completed the game Escape Academy and is the 7,838th gamer on the site to complete it
aburstofskillEscape Academyaburstofskill completed the story in Escape Academy
mfeforeverAXESmfeforever completed the game AXES and is the 919th gamer on the site to complete it
mfeforeverAXESmfeforever won 27 Achievements in AXES for 1042 points
mfeforeverAXESGold champion! achievementmfeforever won the Gold champion! achievement in AXES for 65 points
mfeforeverAXESLv.10 achievementmfeforever won the Lv.10 achievement in AXES for 30 points
mfeforeverAXESC-c-c-combo! achievementmfeforever won the C-c-c-combo! achievement in AXES for 33 points
mfeforeverAXESLevel 10 achievementmfeforever won the Level 10 achievement in AXES for 84 points
mfeforeverAXESTalented achievementmfeforever won the Talented achievement in AXES for 31 points
mfeforeverAXES99 ways to die achievementmfeforever won the 99 ways to die achievement in AXES for 86 points
mfeforeverAXESLevel 5 achievementmfeforever won the Level 5 achievement in AXES for 30 points
mfeforeverAXESJam of gems achievementmfeforever won the Jam of gems achievement in AXES for 103 points
mfeforeverAXESLover of gems achievementmfeforever won the Lover of gems achievement in AXES for 61 points
mfeforeverAXESNimble achievementmfeforever won the Nimble achievement in AXES for 15 points
mfeforeverAXESLv.5 achievementmfeforever won the Lv.5 achievement in AXES for 15 points
mfeforeverAXESEasy as pie achievementmfeforever won the Easy as pie achievement in AXES for 5 points
mfeforeverAXESBrave achievementmfeforever won the Brave achievement in AXES for 5 points
mfeforeverAXESLv.3 achievementmfeforever won the Lv.3 achievement in AXES for 5 points
mfeforeverAXESMy precious! achievementmfeforever won the My precious! achievement in AXES for 41 points
mfeforeverAXESMetamorphoses achievementmfeforever won the Metamorphoses achievement in AXES for 30 points
mfeforeverAXESWhat's inside? achievementmfeforever won the What's inside? achievement in AXES for 15 points
mfeforeverAXESLevel 3 achievementmfeforever won the Level 3 achievement in AXES for 5 points

                  Status change by Maxumilli0n at 17:40 on 03 Dec 2022Maxumilli0n status: Hey everyone Rabio got a TU if you didn't know :|
AndroidOdnetninColorful ColoreAndroidOdnetnin won 2 Achievements in Colorful Colore for 416 points
mfeforeverDecember Sale Targetmfeforever has earned Gold in the December Sale Target
mfeforeverAXESmfeforever started the game AXES
Dreadful ChaosFortniteDreadful Chaos won 3 Achievements in Fortnite for 118 points
ClockKingRMVampire SurvivorsClockKingRM won 2 Achievements in Vampire Survivors for 38 points
oinkbatColt Canyon
          Secret Achievementoinkbat won the Secret Achievement in Colt Canyon for 20 points
GuidalityCars 2Guidality won 4 Achievements in Cars 2 for 102 points
MrsodVampire SurvivorsTiny UpdateMrsod started the Tiny Update DLC for Vampire Survivors
MrGusterMrGuster has just made a new blog post: Taking a break….
ReliantGung ho12 Days of ChristmasReliantGung ho registered for the 12 Days of Christmas event
aburstofskillaburstofskill has reached a new milestone: 135,000 TrueAchievement Score
aburstofskillEscape Academyaburstofskill won 2 Achievements in Escape Academy for 128 points
MashedPeas11UnpackingMashedPeas11 completed the game Unpacking and is the 42,299th gamer on the site to complete it
MashedPeas11UnpackingMashedPeas11 completed the story in Unpacking
MashedPeas11UnpackingMashedPeas11 won 17 Achievements in Unpacking for 1012 points
NonKosherSaltAlien: Isolation NonKosherSalt won 2 Achievements in Alien: Isolation for 42 points
NonKosherSaltAlien: IsolationSeegson Security Bypass achievementNonKosherSalt won the Seegson Security Bypass achievement in Alien: Isolation for 20 points
Comment by KJer25 at 00:59 on 03 Dec 2022

This one looks fun. I have it on my list along with RE7 and Callisto.

Comment by NonKosherSalt at 02:03 on 03 Dec 2022

Alien is really good. RE7 is good but less so. Don't know about Callisto.

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