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Demo Achievments
Am I the only one who thinks you should be able to earn achievements if you download a demo?

I’m not talking like, here you downloaded a demo, here’s 10G, I mean, when you play the game, if you do something that will score you an achievement in the full game, you get that achievement.

It would probably be beneficial to Xbox and Microsoft – how many people would go on to buy a game, just because they picked up one or two achievements in the demo? I know I would – not being able to even try and complete a game would drive me insane, and I would definitely spend more money.

Or even have some achievements on the demos, say, have 5 small achievements you can grab so you’re more obliged to play the demo to find out what the game itself is like.

I feel like the only person who plays that feels that would be beneficial – I would shell out £49.99 (€68.58 // $74.45) on an NHL game if I felt more rewarded for sure. Even if I got one or two achievements from the full game on the demo, I would buy it (I am NHL trash but still).

It would be a pretty good thing for Microsoft to do; in my opinion, anyway.

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