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HaPpYDuDe007Dead Rising 4HaPpYDuDe007 won 3 Achievements in Dead Rising 4 for 93 points
Stealth DavidMechaNikaStealth David completed the game MechaNika and is the 3,847th gamer on the site to complete it
Stealth DavidMechaNikaStealth David has rated the game MechaNika 3.5 out of 5
Stealth DavidGorogoaStealth David has rated the game Gorogoa 2.5 out of 5
Stealth DavidMechaNikaStealth David won 30 Achievements in MechaNika for 1041 points
Stealth DavidMechaNikaStealth David started the game MechaNika
Stealth DavidGorogoaStealth David completed the game Gorogoa and is the 493rd gamer on the site to complete it
Stealth DavidGorogoaStealth David won 11 Achievements in Gorogoa for 1258 points
Stealth David has started broadcasting Gorogoa on their twitch channel at 14:44 on 13 Jul 2020twitchGorogoaStealth David has started broadcasting Gorogoa on their twitch channel
Comment by Stealth David at 16:01 on 13 Jul 2020

Would appreciate idle ad views?

Stealth DavidGorogoaStealth David started the game Gorogoa
Stealth DavidStealth David has reached a new milestone: 1,360 Completed Games
Comment by WolfWood37 at 03:21 on 13 Jul 2020

nice work x2!

Stealth DavidDISTRAINT 2Stealth David completed the game DISTRAINT 2 and is the 85th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Stealth David at 18:09 on 12 Jul 2020

2nd to complete every ratalika game

Comment by Marekidze at 19:04 on 12 Jul 2020

Unless they create more! laugh clap toast ON to NeoGeo, or whatewer they cal it?

Comment by Gunstar Red at 03:34 on 13 Jul 2020

There's 72 of them already? They have more GS than most of my non-TA Xbox friends.

Stealth DavidDISTRAINT 2Stealth David has rated the game DISTRAINT 2 5 out of 5
Stealth DavidDISTRAINT 2Stealth David started the game DISTRAINT 2
EmivaderMafia IIEmivader has rated the game Mafia II 4.5 out of 5
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
Blackflame0729 1000+ Achievements Public 348 3,989 8.72
30+ Gamers Public 293 2,665 10.99
UpcountryTripod <> GAMERS STILL ON THEIR ORIGINAL ACCOUNT <> Public 930 2,628 35.39
Maelstorm95 30000+ trueachievement score Public 117 1,463 8.00
True Completion Percentage Request 562 1,323 42.48
True TA Ratio Request 351 1,055 33.27
Death Cadaveric id Software Public 178 411 43.31
Mercenary Girl Gamers with a Windows Phone Public 71 387 18.35
omgeezus my gamertag is in lowercase Request 84 311 27.01
xGodDogx True Canadians Public 29 290 10.00
Misha LinGhan AllUrPointsRBelong2Us Private 9 30 30.00

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