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SkorpiionABZÛSkorpiion won 3 Achievements in ABZÛ for 172 points
SkorpiionABZÛBallet achievementSkorpiion won the Ballet achievement in ABZÛ for 60 points
SkorpiionABZÛFood Chain achievementSkorpiion won the Food Chain achievement in ABZÛ for 60 points
SkorpiionABZÛBreach achievementSkorpiion won the Breach achievement in ABZÛ for 52 points
SkorpiionABZÛSkorpiion started the game ABZÛ
Rollo328Guitar Hero 5 (WP)Rollo328 completed the game Guitar Hero 5 (WP) and is the 729th gamer on the site to complete it
Rollo328Star Wars: Cantina (WP)Revenge of the Thirsty Bantha achievementRollo328 won the Revenge of the Thirsty Bantha achievement in Star Wars: Cantina (WP) for 6 points
Comment by thefrozeneskimo at 13:05 on 20 Nov 2019

Fun little phone game. Little repetitive at the end but enjoyable overall I thought :)

Crede23Peggle 2Half-Way Yay! achievementCrede23 won the Half-Way Yay! achievement in Peggle 2 for 60 points
SkorpiionFractured MindsSkorpiion completed the game Fractured Minds and is the 1,952nd gamer on the site to complete it
SkorpiionFractured MindsSkorpiion has rated the game Fractured Minds 4 out of 5
Crede23ABZÛBallet achievementCrede23 won the Ballet achievement in ABZÛ for 60 points

                Status change by PiCkLE SQU1D at 18:58 on 19 Nov 2019PiCkLE SQU1D status: What's everybody up to these days? I miss ya guys
Comment by Cr4ck Sh0t23 at 19:18 on 19 Nov 2019

Gorod krovi EE is fixed. You should attempt it again.

Comment by Markyshizzle at 19:54 on 19 Nov 2019

Quitting my job. Next few months will be studying a ton for computer certs/ and some long deserved gaming

Rollo328Guitar Hero 5 (WP)Rollo328 won 20 Achievements in Guitar Hero 5 (WP) for 230 points
Rollo328Guitar Hero 5 (WP)Rollo328 started the game Guitar Hero 5 (WP)
Comment by VictimOfDesire at 13:49 on 19 Nov 2019

Guess you had it before it was delisted?

Rollo328Rollo328 has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 58%
Rollo328Fast and the Furious: Adrenaline (WP)Rollo328 completed the game Fast and the Furious: Adrenaline (WP) and is the 273rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by  at 05:37 on 19 Nov 2019


Rollo328Butterfly (WP)Rollo328 completed the game Butterfly (WP) and is the 1,292nd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by  at 04:01 on 19 Nov 2019

good work!

Rollo328Butterfly (WP)Rollo328 started the game Butterfly (WP)
SkorpiionFractured MindsSkorpiion won 2 Achievements in Fractured Minds for 200 points
SkorpiionFractured MindsSkorpiion started the game Fractured Minds
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