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TerrinPsychonauts 2Terrin won 6 Achievements in Psychonauts 2 for 121 points
TerrinKinduoTerrin completed the game Kinduo and is the 167th gamer on the site to complete it
TerrinKinduoTerrin won 12 Achievements in Kinduo for 1146 points
TerrinKinduoComing home achievementTerrin won the Coming home achievement in Kinduo for 110 points
TerrinKinduoHeavy metal achievementTerrin won the Heavy metal achievement in Kinduo for 109 points
TerrinKinduoFragile Floor achievementTerrin won the Fragile Floor achievement in Kinduo for 106 points
TerrinKinduoMelted Snow achievementTerrin won the Melted Snow achievement in Kinduo for 106 points
TerrinKinduoHeavy Gravity achievementTerrin won the Heavy Gravity achievement in Kinduo for 59 points
TerrinKinduoMore Speed! achievementTerrin won the More Speed! achievement in Kinduo for 56 points
TerrinKinduo3 is too much achievementTerrin won the 3 is too much achievement in Kinduo for 101 points
TerrinKinduoIngenious! achievementTerrin won the Ingenious! achievement in Kinduo for 90 points
TerrinKinduoTerrin started the game Kinduo
shadowninja25Spider Solitaire Fshadowninja25 won 2 Achievements in Spider Solitaire F for 377 points
TerrinAnniversaryTerrin is celebrating their 11-year anniversary of joining
TerrinPsychonauts 2Terrin won 6 Achievements in Psychonauts 2 for 114 points
TerrinCyber ShadowTerrin won 5 Achievements in Cyber Shadow for 344 points
TerrinCyber ShadowFast track achievementTerrin won the Fast track achievement in Cyber Shadow for 62 points
TerrinCyber ShadowShow off achievementTerrin won the Show off achievement in Cyber Shadow for 63 points
TerrinCyber ShadowPing pong achievementTerrin won the Ping pong achievement in Cyber Shadow for 124 points
TerrinPsychonauts 2Terrin started the game Psychonauts 2
TerrinPupperazziTerrin completed the game Pupperazzi and is the 35th gamer on the site to complete it
TerrinPupperazziDogologist achievementTerrin won the Dogologist achievement in Pupperazzi for 422 points
TerrinPupperazziTerrin won 12 Achievements in Pupperazzi for 1358 points
TerrinBattlefield 2042Terrin won 2 Achievements in Battlefield 2042 for 45 points

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