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MysticWeirdoMysticWeirdo has reached a new milestone: 1,085 Completed Games
Comment by K4rn4ge at 14:29 on 16 May 2021


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Comment by K4rn4ge at 11:18 on 16 May 2021

Yep, console commands work in this one too. Very easy 1k in about 40 min or less. Cheevo has a video for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kq81mTx1UcM

Comment by Clad master at 11:36 on 16 May 2021

Just need to wait until GP release :)

Comment by FullMoonBeaver at 13:13 on 16 May 2021

I'm gonna wait and see if it goes on GP. Don't fancy paying that much. Don't have the time for along a game like this sadly.

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Comment by Ow Nitram at 00:20 on 16 May 2021

Grats !

Comment by DeAtHisLaNd at 00:41 on 16 May 2021


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Im kind of HighAnniversaryIm kind of High is celebrating their 5-year anniversary of joining TrueAchievements.com
Comment by Qullton at 02:43 on 16 May 2021

Is u ded

MysticWeirdoThunderflashMysticWeirdo completed the game Thunderflash and is the 1,645th gamer on the site to complete it
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