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For The First Time Ever - I Reported A Player as Abusive
Not because I was really hurt or even cared, but just to make his life a hassle.

Here's the story:

So, since COD: Ghosts has been available for less than $10 through both Gamestop and Amazon for the last month or I went ahead and picked it up.

When it comes to COD games I'm usually all in for the campaigns, as they're loud, bombastic, and with set piece after set piece. Definitely worth a play, especially at a bargain price. Usually they have a fun and easy set of campaign achievements too to add to the ol' gamerscore. That said, I'm not a big multiplayer peep but will usually hit it up to see if there's a couple of easy achievements.

Last night, bored of the campaign I booted up the Extinction multiplayer and ended up playing with 4 random gamers. After about 10 minutes 2 of them dropped out and it was just me and another guy. This other dude was good too. Revived me several times and got me two Extinction specific achievements. We played for about 45 minutes or so of crazy combat making it into the cabin level. But things just got too intense for my skills and I ended up dying and he was too far away to rescue my ass. End of game.

A minute later this dude messages me: "holy fuck i just played with the biggest noob watch some youtube to learn something"

It was kind of funny, but grating. I glance at his GS which sits at around 3500, and 900 of that is in COD Ghosts, and the rest spread out between 5 or 6 other shooters. That's fine. That's his thing. He likes the FPS. I'm a good sport and I'm hoping its just friendly teasing. I also know that I suck compared to someone who has devoted the last year of their life to the game. I've only been playing it for a week, and then in the campaign on casual - because, you know, that's my thing.

So I message him back, "twas awesome. thank you for the cheeves. seriously."

To which he replied, "yea ok you suck please learn how to play"

Totally rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe because I was 4 beers in, but mostly because I never asked him to stay in the game with me. He chose too. We never even spoke. We just played. At any moment he could have dropped out and that would have been that, but instead he stays in with the obvious "noob" - hell, he could see I was only a level 4 when he joined the game if he bothered to look. And I'm all up for a good-natured ribbing, which is what I was hoping his original message was going for, but his second message to my gracious thank you was just a continuation of the insult.

Whatever. I reported him for abusive messaging. After all these years I've never reported anyone. And really, it was probably influenced a bit by the four beers, but still, anything to make his game life a little more of a pain in the ass. He also has himself listed as a "Recreational" player. With a message like that shouldn't he recategorize himself "Underground" so that he will be paired with like-minded players?

People game for different reasons. There's a contingent of COD-exclusive people, I've found over the years, who are particularly critical of anyone who does anything outside of COD, and they tend to be a nasty bunch.

Advising that anyone who wants to game needs to watch YouTube or Twitch before attempting to game is just....wrong. If I pay for a game I'm going to insert it into my Xbox, boot it up, and start playing. YouTube be damned.

So, in closing, whatever, my COD exclusive friend, whatever. I hope, at the very least, Microsoft reaches out to you and advises you to never put it in writing.

So, now I've re-read this and I sound so damn sensitive. That wasn't my intent. It wasn't the words that irked me. It was the idea behind them - that a gamer should not play a game until they have trained on YouTube or some such nonsense. Gaming is for anyone who wants to game. Gaming is what you make of it. If you want to become an expert at Call of Duty - do it. If you want to get one achievement in every game ever made - do it. If you want to play Solitaire until your eyes fall out, and then start again - do it. If you want to go and play several different games from different genres just to see all that is possible - do it.

Lastly, if you want to criticize someone because they game a different way, or for a different reason then you do - don't do it.
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