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Dead Space 2 HardCore mode IS a B!tch
So a week ago I started prepping myself to finish Dead Space 2 on Hard Core mode. I spent the whole weekend trying to figure out how to survive. I spent more than 48 hours just trying to get to chapter 6 for my first save. Now follows all my attempts at playing this godforsaken game.

Attempts 1-4
These were the first time I ever played on such a high difficulty. As a result I died in the stupidest places IN CHAPTER 1. It was horrible considering I had to watch the entire opening sequence every time I died. I was going to give up, until a friend told me about a power node duplication glitch.

Attempt 5
After watching a video on how to do the glitch, I went through chapter 1 without much trouble (only after doing it 5 times)and started the duplication. Fate will always work against me, and during my first power nodes, I dropped it before I was supposed to and canceled the glitch. YEEPPEE!! IGET TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!

Attempt 6
Passed chapter 1 and started the glitch. Takes me around 40-45 minutes before the nodes stop appearing and I have to pick them up. SWEET on to chapter 2. Everything was well until I got to a Slasher playing possum near the tram. Normally, when you wake him a Leaper comes out of a vent and you have to fight a bunch of guys. I killed the Slasher and nothing happened. facepalm I walked around to see if anything budged, but nothing. The game trapped me in that room. What else am I going to do besides quitting and start over.

Attempt 7
Same shit. Pass chapter one, do the glitch and continue. This time I decided to use one of my saves in chapter 2, so I wouldn't have to go through chapter 1 and the duplication process again. Now, bundled with youtube videos and an excess of power nodes, I continue the game progressing slowly making sure not to die. My plan was to at least reach the disc switch save before using another save, since I only had to left. Since this game hates me so much, it killed me in chapter 6 in the gym where babies and the pack attack you. I got so fucking pissed. Considering I had spent more than 12 hours on a Saturday playing just to have it all go to waste, who wouldn't be? Went to bed at 7 AM incredibly mad.

Attempts 8-9
Woke up about 4 hours later to finish what I started. I did the whole thing AGAIN and the game locked me in another room where monsters where supposed to spawn and never did. I still have hope and do it once more, just to arrive at the same room and NOTHING! Now I'm just thinking this game hates me.

Attempt 10
I do it one last time..... I enter the room ready myself for the fight and........NADA ZIP. At this point I just went bonkers angry and put the game aside and headed to the Interwebs to find out the source if this madness. The Internet had no answer to my question, but while I was searching, I heard something from the game, "Power is Restored." I went back to the game and the doors had unlocked and I was free to go. Found it odd that no monsters spawned and the game just let me pass, but whatever didn't waste any ammo. This weirdness continued to happen in at least three other parts in the chapter. Where the Slasher plays possum, where you first encounter the Pack, and the most nerve-wrecking part, the Brute encounter after the upside down fight. In all of these the necromorphs wouldn't appear on time. I had to wait a couple of minutes after beating everyone, while dangling, for the Brute to appear and finish chapter 2. From there I played my cards just right and got to just before the gym and made my first save. I felt so relieved that I finally beating the first third of the game. clap

Note: Every "attempt" took me around 1.5 hours. Attempts are getting pass chapter 1 and duplicating around 120 power nodes before starting chapter 2. Attempt 7 took me around 6 hours before I died in chapter 6.
Posted by soNdox2 on 12 October 12 at 18:07 | There are 3 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
Grinding it Out! #2
Finally done with NFS: Shift. Getting those damn medals a lll the way to epic was quite a grind. Like most people, I head problems doing the last corner of Karussel. I gave up on that and continued with carried mode until *bleep*bloo*

Need for Speed: SHIFTEpic MasterThe Epic Master achievement in Need for Speed: SHIFT worth 110 pointsEarn 20 Epic Badges
Progress: 20/20

On to my other two grinding achievements..
SoulCalibur VSudden TemptationThe Sudden Temptation achievement in SoulCalibur V worth 190 pointsQuick Battle: defeat all warriors.
Progress: 152/240

Bejeweled 2Endless ModeThe Endless Mode achievement in Bejeweled 2 worth 80 pointsAwarded for completion of 280 levels
Progress: 61/280

I also want to finish BIoshock 2. Just have to do the hard play through and Protector Trial DLC.

Posted by soNdox2 on 01 October 12 at 18:07 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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