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Random Achievement To Do #5 (7/31/2015)
I have a fairly big backlog, and I can't easily decide what I want to work on sometimes. So I thought I would try and add a random achievement to my TA "To Do" list, and have fate give me a direction.

The fourth random achievement that I have been working on was:

Max Payne 3All Of The AboveThe All Of The Above achievement in Max Payne 3 worth 512 pointsFinish All Single Player Grinds

This achievement is just a cumulative achievement that you should unlock naturally through the course of playing the game the six multiple times that you need to get the other completion based achievements (Hard, Old School, Hardcore, Challenge Mode, New York Minute, and New York Minute Hardcore). I got this after completing Hard, Old School, Challenge Mode, about halfway into Hardcore, and near the end of New York Minute. So it just takes time, not really that difficult.

I am still going to continue with my quest to at least finish Hardcore and New York Minute. I really don't know about NYM Hardcore. I think I may try it, but realistically, I doubt if I can do it. The problem is that I just don't have 8-9 consecutive hours to play all at once. I might have been driven to do it if the Headache achievement didn't glitch on me, so right now no matter what I do, I can't get 100% on the game anyway. I think I am going to try though, maybe I can do it.

So the next random achievement for me to get is:

Dance Central 3So Lu$hThe So Lu$h achievement in Dance Central 3 worth 107 pointsEarn 5 stars on all 9 of Lu$h Crew's songs on any difficulty.

Ahhh, ok. I like playing games like Dance Central in a family/party environment only on rare occasions, so trying to make this a priority is going to be difficult. Well to get this, I basically have to complete the "story" first, and then go back and try and five star 9 different songs. The hardest of these is "Ching-a-Ling" by Missy Elliot, who I absolutely detest. Well so, I will start chipping away at this after whatever I do for Max Payne 3. It probably will take me a few months I am sure.

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