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Stallion83RailboundStallion83 completed the game Railbound and is the 32nd gamer on the site to complete it
Stallion83RailboundStallion83 won 27 Achievements in Railbound for 1462 points
Stallion83RailboundBoundless achievementStallion83 won the Boundless achievement in Railbound for 74 points
Stallion83RailboundIronbound achievementStallion83 won the Ironbound achievement in Railbound for 63 points
Stallion83RailboundHomebound achievementStallion83 won the Homebound achievement in Railbound for 64 points
Stallion83RailboundWestbound achievementStallion83 won the Westbound achievement in Railbound for 63 points
Stallion83RailboundImpostor achievementStallion83 won the Impostor achievement in Railbound for 62 points
Stallion83RailboundIcebound achievementStallion83 won the Icebound achievement in Railbound for 63 points
Stallion83RailboundSwitched achievementStallion83 won the Switched achievement in Railbound for 46 points
Stallion83RailboundAbound achievementStallion83 won the Abound achievement in Railbound for 60 points
Stallion83RailboundTangled achievementStallion83 won the Tangled achievement in Railbound for 42 points
Stallion83RailboundInbound achievementStallion83 won the Inbound achievement in Railbound for 51 points
Stallion83RailboundToo Dark achievementStallion83 won the Too Dark achievement in Railbound for 50 points
Stallion83RailboundEastbound achievementStallion83 won the Eastbound achievement in Railbound for 49 points
JGODZ1206AdiosJGODZ1206 won 2 Achievements in Adios for 116 points
JGODZ1206AdiosSniper achievementJGODZ1206 won the Sniper achievement in Adios for 54 points
bvbvenibvbveni has reached a new milestone: 380 Completed Games
bvbveniFormula Bit Racing DXbvbveni completed the game Formula Bit Racing DX and is the 1,730th gamer on the site to complete it
Stallion83RailboundStallion83 started the game Railbound
jimmyhovaOmen of Sorrowjimmyhova started the game Omen of Sorrow
Comment by Strive at 15:55 on 06 Jun 2023

No, why would you do this to yourself?

Stallion83Stallion83 has reached a new milestone: 4,570,000 TrueAchievement Score
Stallion83Stallion83 has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 73%
Comment by Stallion83 at 12:25 on 06 Jun 2023

Cool to see it going up after I sabotaged it for so long, mostly due to playing whatever I want during live streams. *Only* need 1112 more achievements for 74% 😅

Comment by IrishWarrior022 at 15:15 on 06 Jun 2023

Very nice! That 1112 is easy peasy lol Let's Goooooooo

twppstwpps has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 38%
Reaver LionManeaterReaver Lion won 3 Achievements in Maneater for 53 points
UnbeatenDJChrisSpeed Truck RacingUnbeatenDJChris has rated the game Speed Truck Racing 2 out of 5
UnbeatenDJChrisRush Rally OriginsUnbeatenDJChris has rated the game Rush Rally Origins 3.5 out of 5
tjayarsStarlit Kart Racingtjayars completed the game Starlit Kart Racing and is the 133rd gamer on the site to complete it
jimmyhovaJust Die Alreadyjimmyhova completed the story in Just Die Already
jimmyhovaJust Die Alreadyjimmyhova won 2 Achievements in Just Die Already for 712 points
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