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Backlog week #1
My first week of my backlog and showing what games I need to finish and how far I am in it & achievement help (if you want to :-) )

Xbox 360

Blocks, rebounds & Free Throws NBA LIVE 08 Achievements
(time trials)
NASCAR Unleashed Achievements

2 player left Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2012 Edition Achievements

Few easy achievements in the sports Motionsports Achievements

(mini games and every location)Monopoly Achievements

Long online (will be boosting online a while) World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Achievements

Just want to finish for achievements
Kinect Nat Geo TV DVD Achievements

(need help robbing home run)
Major League Baseball 2K6 Achievements

Still need penalty shot. Should be easier with 2 controllers
NHL 2K6 Achievements

Most of the story left & stars
Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Achievements

Some collectibles & story left
SpongeBob HeroPants Achievements
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smrnovMicrosoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10)Alphabet Challengesmrnov won the Self-Made Solver achievement in Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10) for 28 points in Alphabet Challenge (letter S)
Comment by lucas1987 at 22:20 on 22 Jun 2017

None of my damn achievement will sync unless I restart my 360 after each one. It's taking forever

KinectKid333 won 2 Achievements in Watch_Dogs for 145 points
smrnovWWE 2K14Alphabet Challengesmrnov won the Reached the ropes! achievement in WWE 2K14 for 37 points in Alphabet Challenge (letter R)
smrnovWWE 2K14
                    Secret Achievementsmrnov won the Secret Achievement in WWE 2K14 for 21 points
smrnovBeijing 2008Alphabet Challengesmrnov won the Quickdraw King achievement in Beijing 2008 for 18 points in Alphabet Challenge (letter Q)
KURSED SOULSTMNTKURSED SOULS completed the game TMNT and is the 32,236th gamer on the site to complete it
Stallion83Stallion83 has reached a new milestone: 62,000 Achievements Won
Stallion83Stallion83 has reached a new milestone: 2,780,000 TrueAchievement Score
MattiasAndersonIkarugaMattiasAnderson has rated the game Ikaruga 0.5 out of 5
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 20:25 on 22 Jun 2017

And I like these type of games! This is a prime example how achievements can ruin the game. At least for me. I don't want to play this game that way. Its boring!

dieotze74Another World: 20th Anniversary Editiondieotze74 has rated the game Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition 1.5 out of 5
dieotze74dieotze74 has reached a new milestone: 10,000 Achievements Won
Comment by speedygamers90 at 18:18 on 22 Jun 2017

with only 186,915 GS? That's what high achievement games and windows games with low GS will do to your achievement inflation.

Comment by Shadow Kisuragi at 18:43 on 22 Jun 2017

So, what I'm hearing is that he's one of the hardest working people out there!

...there are 2 other comments

smrnovThe Escapists
smrnov won 4 Achievements in The Escapists for 652 points

                  Status change by MattiasAnderson at 17:38 on 22 Jun 2017MattiasAnderson status: The game Ikaruga is fun but the achievements DESTROY the game. It makes it really boring. The achievments are made boring!
Comment by planting42 at 17:46 on 22 Jun 2017

See? I thought you'd like it.

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 18:01 on 22 Jun 2017

I actually hate it! lol the achievements break the game. it makes it very repetitive trying to hit the right ones to get enough chain and then repeat. Super boring!

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 18:02 on 22 Jun 2017

This will be a nightmare to complete! And maybe even more boring than Spelunky and Battleblock. Not sure I would go that far but could be the case. :(

K4rn4geK4rn4ge has reached a new milestone: 2,200 Games Played
Comment by Alahert at 17:20 on 22 Jun 2017

Tons of games!

K4rn4geThe Witness
                    Secret AchievementK4rn4ge won the Secret Achievement in The Witness for 51 points
K4rn4geThe WitnessK4rn4ge started the game The Witness
                    Secret AchievementK4rn4ge won the Secret Achievement in Kholat for 36 points
K4rn4geKholatK4rn4ge started the game Kholat
K4rn4geGiganticK4rn4ge started the game Gigantic
Comment by K4rn4ge at 15:30 on 22 Jun 2017

FREE to play and in open beta

Comment by FEAR EPIDEMIC at 15:48 on 22 Jun 2017

Another Paladin's waiting to get endless DLC. I think I might pass but I'll look at some videos and decide later.

...there are 3 other comments

                  Status change by KURSED SOULS at 14:47 on 22 Jun 2017KURSED SOULS status: bought some indie games that i didn't have including the turing test
Comment by KURSED SOULS at 14:48 on 22 Jun 2017

Some extremely cheap games

Comment by IrritatedPuppy at 14:50 on 22 Jun 2017

Some good cheap deals this week :)

Comment by speedygamers90 at 17:11 on 22 Jun 2017

i agree.

K4rn4geChess Ultra
K4rn4ge won 3 Achievements in Chess Ultra for 66 points
K4rn4geChess UltraBobby Time achievementK4rn4ge won the Bobby Time achievement in Chess Ultra for 44 points
K4rn4geChess UltraChop Wood achievementK4rn4ge won the Chop Wood achievement in Chess Ultra for 10 points
K4rn4geChess Ultra
                            Secret AchievementK4rn4ge won the Secret Achievement in Chess Ultra for 11 points
K4rn4geChess UltraK4rn4ge started the game Chess Ultra
Comment by Strategy One at 14:51 on 22 Jun 2017

Ohhh another easy chess game.

Comment by CoolKidJoe at 15:54 on 22 Jun 2017

Looking to do that 32 player tournament if you're interested.

                  Status change by Allgorhythm at 14:28 on 22 Jun 2017Allgorhythm status: Special Challenge: Success! Sashamorning hits 666,666 GamerScore! clap
Comment by SnipedByAGir1 at 14:41 on 22 Jun 2017


Comment by MattiasAnderson at 15:05 on 22 Jun 2017

looks cool!

Comment by Alahert at 17:20 on 22 Jun 2017

Double number of the beast, awesome wink

zzUrbanSpacemanElite: Dangerous
                    Secret AchievementzzUrbanSpaceman won the Secret Achievement in Elite: Dangerous for 795 points
Comment by zzUrbanSpaceman at 12:47 on 22 Jun 2017


Comment by Elyoh at 12:49 on 22 Jun 2017

(For now wink)

Comment by tony coconuts at 13:31 on 22 Jun 2017


MadMirrorKick-Ass 2
MadMirror won 2 Achievements in Kick-Ass 2 for 101 points
MadMirrorKick-Ass 2MadMirror started the game Kick-Ass 2
Comment by AfterTheBurials at 13:51 on 22 Jun 2017

Is this possible to change region to get this?

MadMirrorForza Horizon 3
MadMirror won 2 Achievements in Forza Horizon 3 for 42 points
oCAMP K1LL3RoYooka-Laylee
oCAMP K1LL3Ro won 2 Achievements in Yooka-Laylee for 20 points
oCAMP K1LL3RoYooka-LayleeoCAMP K1LL3Ro started the game Yooka-Laylee
Comment by Adamantium NZ at 19:10 on 22 Jun 2017

Awesome game

Comment by oCAMP K1LL3Ro at 21:21 on 22 Jun 2017

Haha yeah seems it bit weird with the camera but other than that good

Comment by Adamantium NZ at 22:07 on 22 Jun 2017

There is a patch due out any day that improves the camera. Im looking forward to more games from playtonic games loved yooka laylee

Stallion83LaserlifeStallion83 started the game Laserlife
K4rn4ge shared the Gigantic achievement list at 04:22 on 22 Jun 2017GiganticK4rn4ge shared the Gigantic achievement list
Comment by Quickdontdie at 04:52 on 22 Jun 2017


Comment by K4rn4ge at 05:00 on 22 Jun 2017

About time lol - It's been in alphas / betas for like 3 years now hasn't it? I haven't even played it either all this time - til now with achs so I'll check it out :P

Comment by Quickdontdie at 05:01 on 22 Jun 2017

Yeah. I've been waiting too

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