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2015 Goals
I managed to win the Xbox ONE 2014 challenge on 360v just barely beating Chunkeh. Thanks for smrnov for providing the prizes (I picked Dying Light and a Advanced Warfare Controller) and also to Fshguy for keeping the contest running.

I ended the year at just over 81k all from Xbox ONE. I think I turned my 360 on a total of 1 time in 2014 for play Scene It with my wife.

GOAL #1: My goal for 2015 is 100k. With a very low scoring 1st behind me and 363 days to go that 274.97gs per day. I have a pretty large and growing backlog of ONE games to go through including 6 titles I haven't even opened yet to play.

GOAL #2: Chunkeh, Dreamweaver and I are in the GTASC 2015 as a team and 100k gs would be a top 10 score. I've never been in one and the conversations I've seen about pre-loading and this and that make me hesitant to put a place up as a specific goal.

I've also joined the 2015 Xbox ONE challenge now hosted on gamertagnation and as the reigning champion I would like to win this again.

GOAL #3: Is to get my review site ( going strong and post to YouTube at least 3 times a week. I go in heavy and burn out so I am trying to keep it to 3 and do a lot more just playing with friends and having fun and hopefully people enjoy it.

GOAL #4: In 2014 I play 108 out of 143 Xbox ONE games released in 2014. For 2015 I would like to get that to 85% of all 2015 games played.

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                Status change by New Paralyzer at 23:33 on 07 Apr 2020New Paralyzer status: Buy Hotline Miami today! Like seriously. Buy it. Right now.
Comment by oxHARMONxo at 00:15 on 08 Apr 2020

What is it?

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K4rn4ge has started broadcasting Blazing Birds on their mixer channel at 23:25 on 07 Apr 2020mixerBlazing BirdsK4rn4ge has started broadcasting Blazing Birds on their mixer channel
Comment by JORAX at 23:38 on 07 Apr 2020

"Oh neat, Hotline Miami!" *plays for 10 minutes then switches to Blazing Birds* ...I mean, I worked on it years ago, but I still find it a strange move :).

Comment by K4rn4ge at 23:43 on 07 Apr 2020

Btw, long story short, whenever you see Blazing Birds, it's actually me doing my Gems of War guild battles :P

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