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xSCARYJAMxLilith-MxSCARYJAMx completed the game Lilith-M and is the 549th gamer on the site to complete it
xSCARYJAMxLilith-MxSCARYJAMx has rated the game Lilith-M 2 out of 5
xSCARYJAMxSOULCALIBUR VIxSCARYJAMx completed the game SOULCALIBUR VI and is the 338th gamer on the site to complete it
xSCARYJAMxxSCARYJAMx has reached a new milestone: 1,070,000 TrueAchievement Score
xSCARYJAMxTracks - The Train Set GamexSCARYJAMx completed the game Tracks - The Train Set Game and is the 1,259th gamer on the site to complete it
xSCARYJAMxTracks - The Train Set GamexSCARYJAMx has rated the game Tracks - The Train Set Game 2 out of 5
xSCARYJAMxSpencerxSCARYJAMx completed the game Spencer and is the 1,563rd gamer on the site to complete it
xSCARYJAMxSpencerxSCARYJAMx has rated the game Spencer 1 out of 5
xSCARYJAMxSpencerxSCARYJAMx won 10 Achievements in Spencer for 1097 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerKeycard achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Keycard achievement in Spencer for 227 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerBattery 3 achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Battery 3 achievement in Spencer for 113 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerBattery 2 achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Battery 2 achievement in Spencer for 112 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerBox Champ achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Box Champ achievement in Spencer for 111 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerBox Rookie achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Box Rookie achievement in Spencer for 109 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerBattery 1 achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Battery 1 achievement in Spencer for 107 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerBox Amateur achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Box Amateur achievement in Spencer for 51 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerThe Ghost achievementxSCARYJAMx won the The Ghost achievement in Spencer for 104 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerxSCARYJAMx started the game Spencer
xSCARYJAMxBorderlands 3xSCARYJAMx won 4 Achievements in Borderlands 3 for 84 points
xSCARYJAMxOnigiriLevel 50! achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Level 50! achievement in Onigiri for 80 points
xSCARYJAMxGoNNERxSCARYJAMx won 4 Achievements in GoNNER for 112 points
xSCARYJAMxGoNNERCombo Bomb achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Combo Bomb achievement in GoNNER for 50 points
xSCARYJAMxGoNNERHigh Five achievementxSCARYJAMx won the High Five achievement in GoNNER for 11 points
xSCARYJAMxxSCARYJAMx has reached a new milestone: 470 Completed Games
xSCARYJAMxDYING : RebornxSCARYJAMx completed the game DYING : Reborn and is the 1,436th gamer on the site to complete it
xSCARYJAMxDYING : RebornxSCARYJAMx has rated the game DYING : Reborn 2 out of 5
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