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ELMO898989Battlefield 2042ELMO898989 won 24 Achievements in Battlefield 2042 for 1440 points
ELMO898989Battlefield 2042ELMO898989 started the game Battlefield 2042
FireFoXSoccer StoryFireFoX won 9 Achievements in Soccer Story for 835 points
FireFoXSoccer StoryFireFoX started the game Soccer Story
kolitomiAssetto Corsakolitomi completed the game Assetto Corsa and is the 17th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by kolitomi at 09:31 on 29 Nov 2022

csak meg lett ez is!Most már jöhetnek a könnyebbek :))

Comment by vzr326 at 11:37 on 29 Nov 2022

Az IGEN! Szép volt, Tomi! Mondjuk egy kis Need for Speed Prestige Gold? :-D

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kolitomiAssetto Corsakolitomi won 3 Achievements in Assetto Corsa for 5097 points
kolitomikolitomi has reached a new milestone: 510,000 TrueAchievement Score
EvrClr666SUPER BOMBERMAN REvrClr666 completed the story in SUPER BOMBERMAN R
El DarkraiBattletoadsEl Darkrai started the game Battletoads
Kolyok81DIRT 5Kolyok81 won 2 Achievements in DIRT 5 for 92 points
Kolyok81AnniversaryKolyok81 is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by TheObserverOne at 03:34 on 29 Nov 2022


Comment by vzr326 at 03:57 on 29 Nov 2022

Boldog szülinapot!

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Kolyok81DIRT 5UproarKolyok81 started the Uproar DLC for DIRT 5
Kolyok81Race with RyanKolyok81 completed the game Race with Ryan and is the 7,238th gamer on the site to complete it
CenosisBioShock 2Cenosis won 6 Achievements in BioShock 2 for 156 points
CenosisInjustice: Gods Among UsFeel the Burn! achievementCenosis won the Feel the Burn! achievement in Injustice: Gods Among Us for 91 points
Comment by atryeu1 at 02:04 on 29 Nov 2022

..... so your mind was already on catching people on fire before we even played today :P

Comment by Cenosis at 05:16 on 29 Nov 2022

Yeah but it's more fun when you can shoot it from your hand like a wizard! :D

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Zwone 96Gears 5Highly Capable achievementZwone 96 won the Highly Capable achievement in Gears 5 for 107 points
El DarkraiFall GuysGolden Guy achievementEl Darkrai won the Golden Guy achievement in Fall Guys for 126 points
CenosisRoguebookCenosis won 5 Achievements in Roguebook for 127 points
Jade451Jade451 has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 97%
CenosisFar Cry 5Road Gunner achievementCenosis won the Road Gunner achievement in Far Cry 5 for 16 points
ARIzzzONa666ScornARIzzzONa666 won 3 Achievements in Scorn for 339 points
          Secret AchievementARIzzzONa666 won the Secret Achievement in Scorn for 88 points
          Secret AchievementARIzzzONa666 won the Secret Achievement in Scorn for 111 points
          Secret AchievementARIzzzONa666 won the Secret Achievement in Scorn for 140 points
ARIzzzONa666ScornARIzzzONa666 started the game Scorn
EvrClr666Forza Horizon 5EvrClr666 won 3 Achievements in Forza Horizon 5 for 330 points
iron johnyAnniversaryiron johny is celebrating their 7-year anniversary of joining
herbal1stAnniversaryherbal1st is celebrating their 8-year anniversary of joining
Flava1975LEGO DimensionsFlava1975 won 18 Achievements in LEGO Dimensions for 1095 points
TigerROLIStarlit Kart RacingTigerROLI won 2 Achievements in Starlit Kart Racing for 108 points
Kolyok81November Sonic TargetKolyok81 has earned Gold in the November Sonic Target
ELMO898989Battlefield 2042 (Xbox One) ELMO898989 won 5 Achievements in Battlefield 2042 (Xbox One) for 382 points
ELMO898989Battlefield 2042 (Xbox One)Aerial Destroyer achievementELMO898989 won the Aerial Destroyer achievement in Battlefield 2042 (Xbox One) for 68 points
Comment by ZigsterLV at 11:18 on 27 Nov 2022

That game is shit/trash

Comment by ELMO898989 at 11:34 on 27 Nov 2022

it is season 3 now and it is better than the beta but it still has some bugs

          Secret AchievementARIzzzONa666 won the Secret Achievement in Prodeus for 27 points
Flava1975LEGO DimensionsFlava1975 completed the story in LEGO Dimensions
XbAndy360Starlit Kart RacingXbAndy360 completed the game Starlit Kart Racing and is the 28th gamer on the site to complete it
HallowedClock8WWE 2K22HallowedClock8 won 3 Achievements in WWE 2K22 for 123 points
FireFoXSBK 22FireFoX completed the game SBK 22 and is the 24th gamer on the site to complete it
Flava1975Flava1975 has reached a new milestone: 33,500 Achievements Won

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