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ticonderoga360The Walking Dead: Michonneticonderoga360 has rated the game The Walking Dead: Michonne 4 out of 5
ticonderoga360The Walking Dead: Michonneticonderoga360 completed the game The Walking Dead: Michonne and is the 58,982nd gamer on the site to complete it
oxHARMONxoAnniversaryoxHARMONxo is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by Dallasthedude at 01:37 on 26 Jan 2022

Happy birthday!

Comment by Styles Plural at 01:57 on 26 Jan 2022

Feliz cumpleanos and welcome to the big three oh club smile

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oxHARMONxoNeed for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)Sidekicked achievementoxHARMONxo won the Sidekicked achievement in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) for 96 points
Comment by zombiefurko at 06:28 on 26 Jan 2022

Guess you fixed the problem with your gamertag on the server thank god you did

Comment by Styles Plural at 08:01 on 26 Jan 2022

Early birthday present wink

Comment by oxHARMONxo at 12:02 on 26 Jan 2022

Turns out, it wasn’t my account, but my 360. The first box I turn on can connect, the second one, nay.

Reborn InsanityOutwardReborn Insanity won 2 Achievements in Outward for 770 points
Boots OrionGuwangeBoots Orion won 2 Achievements in Guwange for 32 points

                Status change by oxHARMONxo at 14:42 on 23 Jan 2022oxHARMONxo status: Hey friends, if we were friends on X360, I removed you and followed you on X1 due to an issue I had with NFS MW Autolog.
Comment by oxHARMONxo at 14:43 on 23 Jan 2022

If you could kindly follow me back, that would be appreciated! For anyone that is curious, removing my friends did not resolve my issue. Thanks EA!

Comment by Styles Plural at 16:35 on 23 Jan 2022

Yeah I've re-added you on the Series X/S. Ideally hope you solve your conundrum there if you haven't already.

oxHARMONxooxHARMONxo has reached a new milestone: 370 Completed Games
oxHARMONxoZumba Fitness World Party (JP)oxHARMONxo completed the game Zumba Fitness World Party (JP) and is the 29th gamer on the site to complete it
Boots OrionGuwangeBoots Orion won 4 Achievements in Guwange for 56 points
oxHARMONxoNeed for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)oxHARMONxo started the game Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)
Comment by oxHARMONxo at 17:56 on 22 Jan 2022

Looks like I hit an Autolog bug. I’ll have to remove everyone from the 360 according to the web…

Comment by golfkid210 at 18:56 on 22 Jan 2022

ah so that's why I got a friend request from you, it all makes sense now. Good luck with getting things fixed.

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oxHARMONxoZumba KidsoxHARMONxo won 2 Achievements in Zumba Kids for 196 points
Sunshinefan11Xeno CrisisSunshinefan11 won 3 Achievements in Xeno Crisis for 51 points
Sunshinefan11Xeno CrisisSunshinefan11 started the game Xeno Crisis
Boots OrionPowerstar GolfBoots Orion won 4 Achievements in Powerstar Golf for 143 points
mfeforeverBorderlands 2mfeforever completed the game Borderlands 2 and is the 6,488th gamer on the site to complete it
mfeforeverBorderlands 2mfeforever won 2 Achievements in Borderlands 2 for 333 points
oxHARMONxoHalo Wars 2oxHARMONxo won 3 Achievements in Halo Wars 2 for 71 points
oxHARMONxoHalo Wars 2oxHARMONxo started the game Halo Wars 2
Comment by Smiththedude at 02:15 on 22 Jan 2022

Have fun! Absolutely loved HW2

Comment by oxHARMONxo at 02:21 on 22 Jan 2022

Feels a bit different from Halo Wars 1. Hopefully I’ll be able to get through it smoothly!


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