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Another milestone
I think I'm hitting another milestone in my self-imposed treatment against A.A. (achievement addiction).

After all these years on XBL, to stop considering many games "finished", completed, only when and/or as soon as I unlocked the last achievement designed in it by the games' devs is not something easy to accomplish.

It's almost second nature by now to finish the campaign of a game and immediately start looking up what the remaining achievements are so I can mop up the missed ones in the 1st playthrough, or to start replaying chapters if chapter selection is available or a whole new campaign if there's none, just because now a new difficult has unlocked or because the 100% completion demands 2, 3 or even 4 playthroughs.

And even that, to get there, was an improvement from back when achievements really were a priority in my 20s life to the point that I played with a walkthrough open on the side, working on games as if I was an employee working on a work log. Imagine that!

People can buy or totally avoid games based solely on its set of achievements. People are paying for and rushing through games just because of virtual, unreal gamer score. That is sick, sickness. I won't even get started on the industry's fault in this, their strategies and reasons. I've wrote a whole term paper about it and for now it's enough.

Anyways, those of you with whom I chat more often have known that I've been trying to improve my approach towards this wonderful hobby for some time and little by little it's happening. It's been a long time coming.

I want more control, freedom, health and good things in general in my life. I want to go back to when I played a game for its story, its quality, not just for some specific challenges handpicked and decided by someone else for me as homework.

When I played the KotORs, which I love to this day, or The Witcher back in 2009 and even now as I'm playing Torment, I'm enjoying the game at my own pace, not caring whatsoever for these virtual badges that some say it's the whole point of this website.

Anyways, that's what I had to say today. I wish all of us can enjoy games truly.


Posted by togethawiistand on 10 December 18 at 21:51 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.
Work in progress
Many years ago I was younger (duh) and I was still learning (I am still learning) how to be a more conscious consumer (and gamer).

I remember buying Halo 3's map packs, one of the reasons being because my friends were doing the same. Another, and I'm not proud to admit this now, was the new achievements that followed each new map pack. But me and my friends didn't play those DLC maps as much as we played the rest of the content from the base-game, so, despite being nice to have them, they weren't really necessary. They weren't the reason we kept playing Halo for so long.

Some time later, because of my love for RPGs, I came across Dragon Age: Origins. It wasn't love at first sight, but once I got into it... it was surely love. I didn't want my adventures in Ferelden during the Fifth Blight to end. In that sense, buying all of the 8 major DLCs for the game was the only logical conclusion. I loved that game so much that I also decided to give a go to the Feastday Gifts and Pranks DLC, a minor pack that mostly just allowed the players to manipulate the companion's approval system. I don't remember how much I paid for all of that, but ever since after those experiences I've known that none of them were really necessary. What's more: not a single one of them came close to provide more of that which I had felt for the base-game nor had them its same quality. But then again, of course it was nice to own and get to play all of them.

As time went by I started noticing that time and time again DLCs weren't really boosting up my experience, except for how long I played to try to finish them and unlock all of the related achievements. More often than not, they weren't great, remarkable stuff. That thought and feeling stayed with me, until the day that I realized that keeping my money was the wiser choice. It was a process, not a sudden realization, just like stopping playing games achievement-oriented. This kind of mindset (not buying unnecessary things, not playing for achievements/gamerscore, etc) is a much healthier one.

But perhaps it is one of those things that are easier to learn from personal experience than to really grasp by taking on someone else's word.
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My highest ratio achievement so far

That was my goal for the last few days. I woke up and went to sleep thinking of how to beat all those levels in less than 3 hours. To think positively, to believe in yourself, helps a lot.

And today for a second there this soab almost glitched on me. I was pissed. This week was terrible. To speed run Halo 2 on Legendary is no fun (at least for me it isn't).

I tried to play just a regular Legendary run on all levels to get to know them (Halo 2 is the only main Halo game that I hadn't played before) before attempting for reals, but after so much frustration and BS on the earlier levels (the ridicule accuracy of the Jackal snipers just on the 2nd mission, Outskirts, had a lot to do with it) I decided to just speed run them all after mission 6 or 7. I did pretty good up to that point though in terms of times, which allowed me to do Gravemind (supposedly the hardest mission on this game and of the entire Franchise, some say) with 53 minutes left. It only took me 36 minutes though, and that was even making a few mistakes on that very last room. I followed mostly Eli's and Silver's guides. With all due respect to their skills, if Eli had better explained that last trick to get past the white Elites at the last door earlier, I could've had a better time than any of my friends. Not that it matters much, but it was really good to know that I pulled it off getting there in good time. Currently only 1% of all TMCC players on TA have unlocked this achievo.

For all friends who think of attempting this, you can also do it if you follow those same guides and give it a try. I know that is easier to just ask for help and that is fine sometimes, but you gotta give it a try too and learn at least the theory behind each trick, it's your achievement after all. I would like to help others, but H2 has that death penalty for co-op, so it is really better to do at least most of the levels alone. I don't think that I'm gonna write a solution for this achievement neither, but the ones that already exist helped me too, specially for letting me know about the save and quit method and its limitations, something that I didn't use for Goat Roped. I also based my run and used Tgamesmaster's blog times as a reference and stayed within the times he had set for most of the levels. On many of them I did below his suggested times and on some others a little bit above, so it was all good in the end.

I think it's still important to point out that at least 3 or 4 times that I remember I found myself in some impossible situations, surrounded by enemies that could and would easily kill me left and right. Basically I had gotten bad checkpoints after something not going according to the plan/videos (it happened on hallways full of enemies, it happened when I was aboard gondolas, in open areas, etc) but I didn't want to restart and loose the progress I had made up to those points. It was a hard decision, but with patience and some creativity I was able to deal with them my way and "save those saves". That made me happy.

Maybe this is gonna be my proudest achievement of 2016 (I wouldn't mind if it was since I don't like to game just to beat enormously frustrating challenges, but mainly to have a good time and keep my mind sharp with mild challenges).
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