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RandomnuttaHITMAN 2Randomnutta completed the game HITMAN 2 and is the 1,450th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by So many Bears at 03:05 on 13 Feb 2021

Now you can buy Hitman 3, right?

Comment by Randomnutta at 03:46 on 13 Feb 2021

It’s downloading now, 3 bloody hours to go ??

Comment by So many Bears at 03:48 on 13 Feb 2021


Comment by Randomnutta at 03:53 on 13 Feb 2021

Just because you got an upgrade c*nt ??

Comment by So many Bears at 05:01 on 13 Feb 2021

Wow look at you censoring yourself, big girl.

Comment by Randomnutta at 12:21 on 13 Feb 2021


RandomnuttaFirefighters – The SimulationRandomnutta started the game Firefighters – The Simulation
Comment by TSGTDRAGON at 09:04 on 04 Feb 2021

I was looking at this game. Is it worth playing?

Comment by Randomnutta at 09:46 on 04 Feb 2021

If you like simulation but it’s repetitive.

TrueAchievementMicrosoft Sudoku (UWP)Medium Master achievementTrueAchievement won the Medium Master achievement in Microsoft Sudoku (UWP) for 29 points
Comment by DeathHuntsUs at 19:30 on 02 Feb 2021

You're slaying the Microsoft games at the moment. Nicely done.