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Lego Batman and work
So i start work tomorrow and what better way then to cap out Lego Batman 2. Lego batman 2 dc super heros is unlike any other lego game. first off what i feel like couldve improved in lego batman.First off 86 percent of the story mode you are either using batman robin or superman.You do not get to use any other super heros til level 14 and there are 15 total levels. Second off there are 250 gold bricks now granted 60 of those gold bricks are story mode if you beat a level fill up ur super hero collect all minikits and save civils. the other 190 are in gotham city.Now the part that is the most annoying out of the whole thing. In previous lego games when you play free play you usually need something that wasnt available in the story mode ex. a rocket launcher now usually a couple of lego people have a rocket launcher or an explosive of some sort but in lego batman it if a lil different.Batmans suit are power suit for explosives, electricity suit to absorb electricity. now this is the only suit that can walk across an electrified floor or wall etc etc. next is his sensor suit his sensor suit if you push b makes u go invisible now this becomes useful because there are cameras that are guarding your next area in story mode and also guarding gold bricks in gotham and free play.batmans last suit i cant remember the name. what it does it lets you glide and if there is a piece of clear glass you can break by holding b it is very simple. another thing you can not buy suits there are like platforms that if you step on the platform with batman he will change into one of his suits it will be floating so you will know which 1 it is. Now in this game 90 percent of the time the bricks are on top of buildings and like i said you cant buy the suits so it is a pain in the ass cause you cant just use superman to fly to the top and then change but luckily there are people that cant counter the suits.for batmans power suit use penguin he has lil penguin bombs for his suit electricty suit you cannot walk across the floor but there are little electrical consoles that you can use the joker for he has this shocker (thanks chris) that absorbs electricty. for batmans sensor suit people say use flash to run pass cameras the thing with flash is he gets so quick he is all over the place so sorry my advice use the batman sensor suit for the bricks and for batmans other suit use man bat and black carnary for the screaming or noise they make.now to robin real quickly robin from what i remember has 4 suits hazard acrobat ice and magnet suit .first hazard hazards suits up toxic and stores toxic and water sometimes u need to use water to clear up toxic and some times u need to fill viles with toxic next his magnet suit just use cyborg the ice suit u can use free for or supermans breath.now for the most fucking thing every is robins acrobat suit he doesnt have a fucking person to replace it and he has this staff if you press b u go into a ball and i would say 25 percent of the collects requires that his fucking ball and shit.now to the parts i like . first off it is batman(yeah you know who you are) and it is the best lego game to date.but i have to be honest superman steals the show he has ice breath that you need to save some civilians with and also parts of free play and he has laser beams coming out of his eyes and anything gold you use the laser beams and it explodes and there is alot of things that are gold in the game. he can fly very high up and u can explore a whole level with him just flying.the next part i like is the villians im not gonna list any(spoilers) but they are fucking cool. but like i said u pretty much will use superman the whole time. now for the overall review. Lego batman is a really fun game if you like legos and super heros then pick this up .if you are looking for a 10 to 15 hour max then stop reading i would say the minimum is 20 hours 2 playthroughs 150 minikits 20 red bricks 250 gold bricks 50 civilians 15 levels idk exactly how many vehicles or characters but at least 20 for characters and vehicles and a bonus level that will take at least 15 minutes. like i said this is a fun game once you get some characters and some red bricks for stud multipliers. i would give this game a 7.5/10 and the reason why it is not higher is because then only give u two levels in the story with other characters and some of the collectibles are just annoying. this game is still very good it is just they shouldnt have called it super heroes when the story doesnt really involve them.superman steals the show and batman is batman .so yes i know this is a long blog but i would recommend this game to anyone who wants to play a fun long lego game with the best super heros ever .

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