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Been some delay's the in the blog. I'm hoping to have it out today or Friday at the latest. Sorry all!

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GTASC Period 35: My team is still the best team
As many of you saw my team was overtaken at the last minute to get eliminated. I kept my teams talk out of the blog but honestly our all time goal was top 50 not to far into the contest. That being said when we saw we could get a top 25 spot we didn't hesitate. That was the new goal and we got it. It was truly a blast playing with these guys and competing with them. So in honor of my team being knocked out I will be pushing the individual power rankings till next blog and focus on my memories of the team ladder.
Honestly joining this team was a stroke of luck. They had four members already and I know they were looking at about 3 others besides me. However GrumpyZombie and me boosted Dishwasher multiplayer achievements WAY back in the day and I never deleted him. I sent him a message along with b (aka Luke) and they welcomed me into the team. At first I had no idea how to blog, how to preload, or even the preparations I was going to need to make it as far as I am right now let alone a top 10 spot. Thanks to members of my team and the massive amount of hours that went into researching everything about the GTASC (Seriously no kidding aside I must have spent 50+ hours on research alone) I believe I can make a top 10 spot and prove to myself that I am one of the best achievement hunters in the world. So each member of my team deserves a shout out, so let's get started...

There's about 5k in my preloaded that deserves credit to MarkOfPower alone, his advice on what games have great preloads pushed me to reach above and beyond my original preloading goal of 20k. He really helped me get on my feet with preloading and now seeing I have 33k+ preloaded it's astonishing how far I have come. So thanks Matt! Hopefully you reach your solo goal as well.

IgnoringFosters always came through in the end. While one of the lower scorers on our team he was almost always the ace up our sleeve. He saved us from being knocked out countless times and we owe the top 25 spot to those saves alone. Thanks Ryan!

GrumpyZombie, as stated before, is the reason I'm on this team and it's truly the best team I could have been on while he has his downfalls (like being a Detroit Lions fan) he was another one of the members that came through when others were out of town and busy. His push on recore also locked in that 25th place. I think more importantly though despite our football rivalry we have become friends. Brandon, thanks for the shot on this team!

Luke, because I hate writing your gamertag, the fearless team leader. I'd personally like to thank you for the opportunity to achieve a lifelong dream and that to write reviews and articles for a website. Xboxresource.com is a site that is currently still being worked on and honestly it's been a blast. I was in charge of writing a review for a game being published by SEGA. The 13 year old version of me would be so proud haha. He brought me on board after seeing the work I was doing on my blog and I have written 100's of articles already and I know my output as suffered because of the GTASC but when it's over I will be doing at least 2-3 articles a day on the site and reviewing games as they come in. I don't think I could thank you enough for this opportunity.

I hope we keep the group chat going as I always enjoyed talking to all of you (Yes even you Ryan). I hope I can do our team proud and reach my goal of a top 10 spot. Talk to you all soon!

Power rankings next week, I just thought this blog was a little more necessary as they deserved to be recognized for the effort they put forth. See you all next week, thanks for reading!
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I'm kidding of course gender studies must be the most boring class ever

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And some cheeky fishing ofcourse

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Thank you for starting this, reminded me to change my region.

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no problemo

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The first achievement I preloaded. (December 2016) <3

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I cry every time.

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Someday I'll get there :)

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nice work smile

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