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PermalinkGTASC 2017 Period 24: 20%? more like 50%!
Hello world!
I'm going to start out with a different kind of shout out today, a sad one at that. My shout out goes out to those who knew Handy. I know I have followers who were friends and/or teammates and I am truly sorry for your loss. One thing I can offer is someone to talk to. Now I volunteer for a local "company" called Safenet. At Safenet I help abused women empower themselves and help them deal with loss of children, spouses, and family members. So this isn't new to me and I can help if you would like. I also have signed a confidentiality sheet and that spills over to anyone I, with the lack of a better word. "console" Therefore it's actually against the law for me to share ANYTHING we talk about. So please if you want to talk please let me know.

All right let's dive in!
I've been busy reviewing Valkyrie Revolution from SEGA. I can't say much right now as it hasn't released yet. That is why though I blew some easy completions as anything I unlock in that game doesn't count. As for this week the bonus is pretty simple but we are two people "down" atm that will score a very minimum about of TA and I'm gone for this weekend, so I need to score big and I need to score quick. So I'm going to plow through Laserlife, Mimic Arena, and Cel Damage HD. Plus I can score the rest from there as that will but me about 4k. Thus i will only need another 2kish to get what I need, so I'll hit rare replay. We were able to pull of the team bonus so no problems there.

I can't wait till June/July is over it's going to be rough staying alive but my schedule will cool down after the 23rd of July.

Once again thanks for reading guys! Remember when we hit 30 followers I will have that giveaway!
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PermalinkGTASC 2017 Period 23: Chasing the badge leader + top 10 E3 moments
Hello world!

Unfortunately we are on a two week slide of no new followers, so no shout outs this week. Let's dive in! dive

It's time I addressed the white elephant in the room, mainly because I've been getting some messages from a couple of followers and there are absolutely right. My preloading has taking a back burner as of recent. So here's the deal, my job is the busiest during the month of June and July. This means they offer overtime, which as a graduated college student with loans coming out my ass I need to take. Therefore I have been working 50+ hours a week. So it's been a little hard to do more then just enough to stay alive and go for bonuses. (btw got the solo bonus with exactly 2017 GS, nailed it!) I am currently one badge behind the leaders now!

So to hit 40k I have to hit preloading hard after July because we will be in period 31. Now I know what your thinking and it is going to be close if I want 40k preloaded but I have a plan, Rare Replay. If I can survive off of one easy completion and the rest comes from Rare Replay I can have all that wonderful TA preloaded by the end of August. This will push me up to 33k preloaded by itself. So I'm sure I can do this and then slowly work my way up to 40k.

Now as for the team bonus this week it's get 3000 GS each in your team, easy sauce. We will get it.

E3 time. I know I said I was going t make a separate blog for this but It's kind of short so I decided to combine the two.

TOP TEN E3 MOMENTS OF 2017 (for me) (not just Xbox)
10) Dragonball Z Fighter

As a avid Dragonball fan I never found a game that scratched that itch. While Xenoverse was fun I never had the time to dive full into the game. This one however looks more like a pick up and play and that's the kind of game I'm looking for. Also it looks A-MAZE-ZING

9) Xbox One X

While I won't be diving into this console on day one (as I don't have a 4k TV so what's the point?) I thought it was awesome that Microsoft released a console that can be a competitor to the PC master race (not a very good one but at least they are trying) and for $500 dollars there's hardly a better PC you can get for that price.

8) Original Xbox backwards compatibility

Now I have no desire to play these games, as there are no achievements, but I love that they are doing this. It goes to show that Microsoft actually cares how the fans feel and try to give them what they want.

7) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Do you need me to day something here? Just look at this trailer, it speaks for itself:

6) Sea of thieves

Say what you want about Rare, they always provide you with a good game and I for one am excited to dive head first into this co-op pirate world.

5) Detroit: Become Human

Been waiting years for this, glad we finally got a look at some "gameplay" and the game looks phenomenal.

4) Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Loved the first game and it looks like they are building off of those ideas and building on them along with adding new concepts like mind control. I can't wait to play this.

3) Anthem

It's here for one reason and one reason only. You look amazing, you feel right, so please be everything I wanted Destiny to be.

2) Super Mario Odyssey

You can be a dinosaur! It's no surprise this is high on this list it was by far Nintendo's best game at E3 and for me blew away everything Sony and Microsoft had to offer except one game that is...

1) Marvel's Spider-man

Spider-Man is my favorite fictional character of all time. Right in front of Sora from Kingdom Hearts. I am so excited for this game the gameplay is perfect, the storyline sounds fantastic, and that added scene at the end with Miles? Insomniac your going to make me buy a PS4 because like Beenox (with the exception of The Amazing Spider-Man 2) you understand the web-slinger. I also love the voice acting choice of Ben 10's voice actor as he under stand his fans require a certain amount of quips with every fight. Needless to say this will be the first time I will get a game day one since black ops 1.

Thanks for reading guys! Now if you got this far I will be doing a giveaway once we reach 30 followers. Now it won't be anything huge, probably a $10 Microsoft card. However the first 30 followers will get an extra entry and a chance to get a total of 3 entries per person. Now I know we are a ways away but if I don't reach it by the end of the GTASC I'll do the giveaway anyway. So tell your friends! Share this blog! Let's get it out there so you guys can win some prizes!
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PermalinkGTASC 2017 Period 22: I got addicted to a Cluster

No new shout out's today but I'm still determined to make those blog leaderboards!

Let's get to it, I'm very hyped for this blog. So I have preloaded more this week then I have in a very long time, probably since Zheros way back in period 10 I believe. So let's get that outta the way before we talk about bonuses with the latest installment of...

I've included a spoiler tag as it's a lot.
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

For a Grand total of 5,289 TA!!!
Woot woot! That puts me just over 26K TA so needless to say it was a great week.
I know it's not what I promised but you can't argue with results.

Bonus time, we pulled off spelling CRAZY FOR XBOX for all 5 of us and as for the solo bonus I'm still unsure how I'm going to get it. I would either have to get 2,017 or 4,034 Gamerscore. I have a couple of achievements worth 3 GS but nothing worth 1 or 2 or 4 so the math doesn't really add up. But as the period winds down I'll have a better picture on where I will need to be it's hard to say right now.

Thanks for reading guys. Just so everyone knows I will be doing a top 10 E3 moments this week when E3 is over. It won't all be Xbox's E3 as it was kinda meh in my opinion,, so stay tuned for that blog!
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PermalinkGTASC 2017 Period 21: A sickness swept over the land of Massive Chalice
Shout out to v Vennom for becoming a follower. I'm not really sure you count though Shane.

He is a friend and we were talking and he was like "Hey I'll give you another follower!" So thanks buddy anyway let's get to it.

So Period 21 was a bad one for me. I was in bed for almost three days straight with a sickness and only got one achievement Tuesday-Thursday so I didn't even come close to getting done what I wanted done. However I did manage the 5000 TA bonus!

As far as the team bonus goes, spell "crazy for xbox" , my team plans on pulling this off I believe 3 of us have plans for the two X's which is honestly the only difficult part of this challenge. Me? I got one in Defense Grid 2 and one in Shuffle party. Now I won't be popping both of these till late Saturday until I know the teams going to pull it off because these are my last two "X" achievements I can get without spending money. Well there is one on swapper, but that's a very easy completion I want to save.

Now I wasn't able to do anything I set out to do this week that is beat Grabbed by the Goulies and start Massive Chalice. Now I'm almost done with Grabbed by the Goulies prolly only an hour or 2 left and it's completed. I had to make a decision on Sunday either complete that game or get some preloading done with the 3 hours I had to play.

I chose preloaded so without further ado I give you THE PRELOADED ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE WEEK!

Rayman LegendsThe chosen oneThe The chosen one achievement in Rayman Legends worth 224 pointsRescue all the kidnapped Teensies

Rayman LegendsSilver AddictThe Silver Addict achievement in Rayman Legends worth 111 pointsWin all the Silver Cups from the paintings

Rayman LegendsGold AddictThe Gold Addict achievement in Rayman Legends worth 163 pointsWin all the Gold Cups from the paintings

Rayman LegendsDiamond AddictThe Diamond Addict achievement in Rayman Legends worth 187 pointsWin all the Diamond Cups from the World paintings

CandlemanSailorThe Sailor achievement in Candleman worth 185 pointsLight all candles in Chapters 1, 2 and 3.

For a grand total of 886. Putting me just shy of 21k preloaded. So I will preload about 500 TA this week, beat Grabbed by the Goulies and hopefully not get sick and start this Massive chalice I've been talking about for weeks.

Thanks for reading guys we are getting ever closer to the blog leaderboards! 8 away now so hopefully we will get there within 10 weeks. Also I'll be doing a review for this: Neighborhorde
So be on the look out for that. Thank for reading everyone!
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PermalinkGTASC 2017 Period 20: 5000 TA ain't got nothing on me
No new shout outs today but sitting pretty at 23 followers by period 20 so getting to the blog leaderboards by the contests end is very plausible.

IM ENGAGED. WOOT WOOT! Everything went according to plan this weekend and everyone who came up had a blast. It was great so see everyone and even better I get to spend my life with the women I love. Anyway with the sappy shit outta the way let's get down to business.

The solo bonus this week is to reach 5000 TA which will be relatively easy since I'm already sitting at 2k and I'm going to be starting hardcore Massive Chalice and Rare Replay. This week I want to complete a longer Rare Replay game and get Massive Chalice at least mostly done with the first playthrough and I have all week to do it. The first playthrough of Massive Chalice is about 3k and the Rare Replay game I am going to play is Grabbed by the Ghoulies which if I do everything it's 1,897 TA so 5000 TA is going to happen.

Preloading however is going to be non-existent for a couple weeks but when Massive Chalice is done it will be another 6k so in the long run it's worth it especially if I can do it in three weeks, which is the goal atm.

As always guys thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions or any tips on Massive Chalice. I'm reading the walkthrough and it's a LOT of information. Thanks again guys!
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