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OhhJustBQThe Escapists 2OhhJustBQ won 4 Achievements in The Escapists 2 for 480 points

                Status change by darkling1542 at 20:21 on 03 Aug 2020darkling1542 status: R.B.I. Baseball 14 (xbox 360) unobtainable is potentially completable.
Comment by darkling1542 at 20:22 on 03 Aug 2020

All you have to do is play through a full season 5 times to see if it works. You know how long that is? Only like.. 100 hours or so for one full season.

Comment by ArcCsc at 22:28 on 03 Aug 2020

Didn't someone do 6 playthroughs :o

SSSteinManA Hole New WorldSSSteinMan started the game A Hole New World
K4rn4geClan NK4rn4ge started the game Clan N

                Status change by LifeExpectancy at 02:33 on 03 Aug 2020LifeExpectancy status: Suggestions for a Good, Fun platformer for completion 800? Is that GwG game Juju any good?
Comment by Alchemist xPTKx at 03:22 on 03 Aug 2020

Juju is not good. Very slow pace, even for a kids game. Super easy though

Comment by KinectKid333 at 03:44 on 03 Aug 2020

I would recommend ClusterTruck. RAZED is a cool, underrated platformer, too. And Human Fall Flat is a really funny (and fun) physics-based puzzle platformer.

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K4rn4ge has started broadcasting Games + Demos on their twitch channel at 01:47 on 03 Aug 2020twitchK4rn4ge has started broadcasting Games + Demos on their twitch channel
FPSDeathMicrosoft SudokuLegend achievementFPSDeath won the Legend achievement in Microsoft Sudoku for 228 points
Its Uncle KevWolfenstein: Youngblood Its Uncle Kev won 3 Achievements in Wolfenstein: Youngblood for 218 points
Its Uncle KevWolfenstein: YoungbloodExpert explorer achievementIts Uncle Kev won the Expert explorer achievement in Wolfenstein: Youngblood for 156 points
Comment by Its Uncle Kev at 23:46 on 02 Aug 2020

I didn’t mean unlock any of these yet. Fak

                Status change by OhhJustBQ at 22:57 on 02 Aug 2020OhhJustBQ status: According to TA ive played 2 Xbox Series X games....
Comment by Im Single Again at 23:39 on 02 Aug 2020

Prolly cause theyre gonna be upgraded on the SX

Comment by OhhJustBQ at 23:48 on 02 Aug 2020

yeah i clicked on it (forgot i can do that) gears 5 Forza Horizon 4 and warframe they said 2 games but 3 games were shown

Comment by mrbellek at 08:01 on 03 Aug 2020

it says I own 1 game on xbox series x, but when I click it the list is Destiny 2 (which I played about 20 hours on XB1 and Warframe (which I haven't touched). derp.

OhhJustBQLeft 4 Dead 2OhhJustBQ won 2 Achievements in Left 4 Dead 2 for 80 points
RainleafZombie Army 4: Dead WarRainleaf has rated the game Zombie Army 4: Dead War 4 out of 5
SSSteinManDisintegrationSSSteinMan has rated the game Disintegration 2.5 out of 5
Comment by SSSteinMan at 18:51 on 02 Aug 2020

Achievement difficulty: 3/10

Comment by Gutsy Goddess at 01:45 on 03 Aug 2020

Sexy ratio. How is it so easy. Probably its so shitty

Comment by SSSteinMan at 06:37 on 03 Aug 2020

Easy as COD MW campaign. Shitty and boring. Not worth 60 bucks. RIP for those paying full price for it.

SSSteinManSSSteinMan has reached a new milestone: 1,120,000 TrueAchievement Score
SSSteinManDisintegrationSSSteinMan completed the game Disintegration and is the 32nd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by SSSteinMan at 18:49 on 02 Aug 2020

Disintegration disintegrated.

Comment by antyagonista at 21:58 on 02 Aug 2020

Great album grom the cure

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darkling1542Speed Brawldarkling1542 won 3 Achievements in Speed Brawl for 54 points
RainleafZombie Army 4: Dead WarRainleaf completed the game Zombie Army 4: Dead War and is the 186th gamer on the site to complete it
RainleafZombie Army 4: Dead WarRainleaf completed the base game Zombie Army 4: Dead War and is the 383rd gamer on the site to complete it
darkling1542Sky Roguedarkling1542 started the game Sky Rogue
Comment by darkling1542 at 17:30 on 02 Aug 2020

Amazing game! Recommend it. I would think you can do this local coop achievement by yourself.

Comment by Harbringernight at 21:36 on 02 Aug 2020


darkling1542Shankdarkling1542 won 3 Achievements in Shank for 65 points
darkling1542Shankdarkling1542 started the game Shank
Comment by ArcCsc at 16:07 on 02 Aug 2020

I need a detailed report, might do this one soon.

Comment by darkling1542 at 16:16 on 02 Aug 2020

Not sure how doable this is solo. Seemed quite hard.

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