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wellingtonbalboRAGE 2wellingtonbalbo won 3 Achievements in RAGE 2 for 134 points
MasterNero14 shared the Mortal Shell achievement list at 00:15 on 06 Aug 2020Mortal ShellMasterNero14 shared the Mortal Shell achievement list
wellingtonbalboRAGE 2wellingtonbalbo won 5 Achievements in RAGE 2 for 110 points
SECOUTINHOAwesome PeaSECOUTINHO started the game Awesome Pea
RichardfelipeeDante's InfernoTrials of St. LuciaRichardfelipee completed the Trials of St. Lucia DLC for Dante's Inferno
Comment by Richardfelipee at 22:04 on 05 Aug 2020

Valeu @MasterNero pelo Coop 💪🏻 toast

Comment by MasterNero14 at 22:35 on 05 Aug 2020

Aoooooo nois 💪🏻

Comment by wellingtonbalbo at 22:38 on 05 Aug 2020


SECOUTINHOSECOUTINHO has reached a new milestone: 710 Completed Games
SECOUTINHOBucket KnightSECOUTINHO completed the game Bucket Knight and is the 1,721st gamer on the site to complete it
SECOUTINHOBucket KnightSECOUTINHO won 34 Achievements in Bucket Knight for 1053 points
SECOUTINHOBucket KnightNi! achievementSECOUTINHO won the Ni! achievement in Bucket Knight for 32 points
SECOUTINHOBucket KnightSECOUTINHO started the game Bucket Knight
velho lobodomarCupheadvelho lobodomar won 9 Achievements in Cuphead for 1095 points
SECOUTINHOExplosive JakeSECOUTINHO completed the game Explosive Jake and is the 673rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by wellingtonbalbo at 17:49 on 05 Aug 2020

"explosivo, jake", diria um espectador.

SECOUTINHOExplosive JakeSECOUTINHO won 29 Achievements in Explosive Jake for 883 points

                Status change by Richardfelipee at 17:36 on 05 Aug 2020Richardfelipee status: Gamepass 💚
Comment by wellingtonbalbo at 17:50 on 05 Aug 2020

clap Best subscription service ever created

Comment by Noaxis at 00:42 on 06 Aug 2020

oloco 👆

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