Coming back to achievements one game at a time, without so much concern about servers closing, life is too short to finish ALL games on my Gamertag.


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A "kind of" pause in my Xbox Series X Challenge for a good reason
This month is ending and I completed exactly 0 games cry

But because I'm focused in Xbox 360 games, this past week Rockstar Games announced that servers for Max Payne 3 will close ...
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Completed Games in Racing Games The Americas (Not USA) 20 View history chart 12,660 0.16
Completed Games in Stealth Games The Americas (Not USA) 6 View history chart 12,515 0.05
Completed Games in Simulation Racing Games The Americas (Not USA) 5 View history chart 11,961 0.04
Completed Games in All Games Brazil 240 View history chart 6,986 3.44
Completed Games in Shooter Games Brazil 40 View history chart 6,835 0.59
Completed Games in Open World Games Brazil 35 View history chart 6,779 0.52
Completed Games in Xbox 360 Games Brazil 93 View history chart 6,573 1.41
Completed Games in Role Playing Games Brazil 114 View history chart 6,572 1.73
Completed Games in Racing Games Brazil 15 View history chart 6,558 0.23
Completed Games in Platformer Games Brazil 582 View history chart 6,550 8.89
Completed Games in Stealth Games Brazil 3 View history chart 6,464 0.05
Completed Games in Action-RPG Games Brazil 61 View history chart 6,391 0.95
Completed Games in Xbox One Games Brazil 376 View history chart 6,357 5.91
Completed Games in Action-Adventure Games Brazil 733 View history chart 6,248 11.73
Completed Games in Action Horror Games Brazil 245 View history chart 6,209 3.95
Completed Games in Adventure Games Brazil 277 View history chart 5,811 4.77
Completed Games in Football Games Brazil 35 View history chart 5,262 0.67
Completed Games in Survival Horror Games Brazil 184 View history chart 5,114 3.60
TA Ratio in All Games Brazil 161 View history chart 1,748 9.21
Achievements Completion %age in All Games Brazil 205 View history chart 1,748 11.73

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