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Hello and a happy new year to my friends across the globe, and the two people who follow this blog!

As some of you will already know, my incredible partner - ...
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FullMoonBeaverTypoman: RevisedFullMoonBeaver has written a review of the game Typoman: Revised
K4rn4ge shared the Troll and I achievement list at 05:35 on 21 Feb 2017Troll and IK4rn4ge shared the Troll and I achievement list
K4rn4ge shared the Zombie Vikings achievement list at 05:34 on 21 Feb 2017Zombie VikingsK4rn4ge shared the Zombie Vikings achievement list
Comment by Riconoclast at 07:24 on 21 Feb 2017

Nice to see the 80Gs at the end there. Now we just wait on price. This was a PS+ title so maybe I'll wait for GwG...

Maka91 has started broadcasting For Honor on their twitch feed at 01:38 on 21 Feb 2017TwitchMaka91 has started broadcasting For Honor on their Twitch channel
K4rn4ge has started broadcasting  on their twitch feed at 00:56 on 21 Feb 2017TwitchK4rn4ge has started broadcasting on their Twitch channel
K4rn4geVaccineFirst casualty achievementK4rn4ge won the First casualty achievement in Vaccine for 70 points
K4rn4geVaccineK4rn4ge started the game Vaccine

                  Status change by K4rn4ge at 23:43 on 20 Feb 2017K4rn4ge status: Now LIVE checking out Uncanny Valley & more games/giveaways too! http://www.twitch.tv/karnage
Awoo won 2 Achievements in ZHEROS for 51 points
conn311FIFA 17Got Flair? achievementconn311 won the Got Flair? achievement in FIFA 17 for 42 points
AwooZHEROSAwoo started the game ZHEROS
Comment by KinectKid333 at 23:27 on 20 Feb 2017


Comment by FullMoonBeaver at 23:52 on 20 Feb 2017

I second that. Why?

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Itzz Sh0wt1m3Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)Live a Little achievementItzz Sh0wt1m3 won the Live a Little achievement in Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360) for 219 points
Comment by Tia1989II at 12:07 on 21 Feb 2017

You were waiting for this!

Comment by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 at 14:10 on 21 Feb 2017

Yeah, wanted to get it done a long time ago, though the transfer ability to x1 disappears after match 6th

Comment by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 at 14:10 on 21 Feb 2017


                  Status change by creptor5291 at 21:31 on 20 Feb 2017creptor5291 status: I really need a mic for Xbox 360, quite a few games I want to complete on Xbox 360 that I'd need people for.
Comment by creptor5291 at 21:32 on 20 Feb 2017

Especially considering a few games that my friends don't have, since we usually use Xbox One parties while playing 360.

Comment by Psychotic Sully at 21:32 on 20 Feb 2017

Buy one?

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FullMoonBeaverTypoman: RevisedFullMoonBeaver has rated the game Typoman: Revised 4.5 out of 5
FullMoonBeaverWarframeFullMoonBeaver has rated the game Warframe 3.5 out of 5
AwooWarframeAwoo started the game Warframe
Comment by Momiji at 21:07 on 20 Feb 2017

You fuggin please

Comment by FEAR EPIDEMIC at 21:10 on 20 Feb 2017

Left in the dust.

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OO111111Bean Dive
OO111111 won 5 achievements in 3 new games as part of their Bean Dive
OO111111So Many MeOO111111 started the game So Many Me
OO111111Sniper Elite 3OO111111 started the game Sniper Elite 3
OO111111SMITEOO111111 won the Skill Shot achievement in SMITE for 27 points
OO111111SMITEOO111111 won the Perfect achievement in SMITE for 11 points
OO111111SMITEOO111111 won the Line Them Up achievement in SMITE for 10 points
OO111111SMITEOO111111 started the game SMITE
OO111111 won 5 Achievements in SMITE for 61 points
OO111111SMITESuper Cheer achievementOO111111 won the Super Cheer achievement in SMITE for 12 points
OO111111SMITEGood Game achievementOO111111 won the Good Game achievement in SMITE for 14 points
OO111111SMITELast Hit achievementOO111111 won the Last Hit achievement in SMITE for 11 points
OO111111SMITESolar FlareOO111111 started the Solar Flare DLC for SMITE
OO111111SMITEThe Astral HuntOO111111 started the The Astral Hunt DLC for SMITE
                    Secret AchievementAwoo won the Secret Achievement in Threes! for 1178 points
Comment by Awoo at 19:23 on 20 Feb 2017

Solver run #2: 246,759. Quite an improvement.

Comment by BreakingPad68 at 19:26 on 20 Feb 2017

Are you using the solver from beginning of the match?

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K4rn4ge shared the The Inner World achievement list at 17:31 on 20 Feb 2017The Inner WorldK4rn4ge shared the The Inner World achievement list
REMIX1969Dead SpaceAutofire achievementREMIX1969 won the Autofire achievement in Dead Space for 13 points
FullMoonBeaverChime SharpFullMoonBeaver started the game Chime Sharp
Comment by CheneyHeadshot at 23:28 on 20 Feb 2017

Not jealous. Argh.

Comment by FullMoonBeaver at 00:03 on 21 Feb 2017

It's a great little game. But those achievements are gonna be a right pain.

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FullMoonBeaverSébastien Loeb Rally EvoFullMoonBeaver has rated the game Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo 2.5 out of 5
Nod NolanCastle Crashers
Nod Nolan won 2 Achievements in Castle Crashers for 57 points
K4rn4geK4rn4ge is now in the top 20 of the Site Games Played Leaderboard for All Games
Comment by mlkybrs r on me at 14:20 on 20 Feb 2017


Comment by pauldnb at 14:41 on 20 Feb 2017

Nice Work, that's a lot of games!!

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Itzz Sh0wt1m3iO The Game (WP)Itzz Sh0wt1m3 completed the game iO The Game (WP) and is the 4th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by frenchdawg at 13:16 on 20 Feb 2017


Comment by Shadow Kisuragi at 13:18 on 20 Feb 2017

Doing Golds on console now?

Comment by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 at 13:21 on 20 Feb 2017

I will probably make a start on it either today or tomorrow, though Ill probably never get around to gold medalling all 225 levels.

Itzz Sh0wt1m3iO The Game (WP)
These items contain commentsItzz Sh0wt1m3 won 2 Achievements in iO The Game (WP) for 163 points
Itzz Sh0wt1m3iO The Game (WP)Impossiball ride achievementItzz Sh0wt1m3 won the Impossiball ride achievement in iO The Game (WP) for 65 points
Comment by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 at 13:09 on 20 Feb 2017

Damn, level 224. Took me a million tries to realise flying over the 2nd bit all at once is much easier than trying to bounce off a few times

Comment by frenchdawg at 13:15 on 20 Feb 2017

Yeah I started early with that tactic cause the precision to hit all seemed too much

Comment by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 at 13:23 on 20 Feb 2017

Indeed, dont know why it took me so many tries to realise that. Maybe because I would only get past the first bit once in every 5-10 tries

K4rn4geiO The Game (WP)
K4rn4ge won 4 Achievements in iO The Game (WP) for 36 points
YoDzBattlefield 4 (Xbox 360)YoDz created a Boosting Gaming Session for the game Battlefield 4 (Xbox 360)
Comment by wwe is aw3some at 13:13 on 20 Feb 2017

i just need dragon teeth is it ok to hop in with your group when you do it?

Comment by YoDz at 22:10 on 20 Feb 2017

I don't see why not

AwooLost Planet 2Awoo completed the game Lost Planet 2 and is the 128th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Momiji at 04:33 on 20 Feb 2017

"Thanks Reeb for the easy WR and carrying my scrubby ass through extreme as well as putting up with my incompetence to plasma boost properly"

Comment by Awoo at 04:34 on 20 Feb 2017

Thank you Reeb for bloqing my initial WR board and making me do a different one ;/

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AwooLost Planet 2
These items contain commentsAwoo won 2 Achievements in Lost Planet 2 for 2665 points
AwooLost Planet 2
                            Secret AchievementAwoo won the Secret Achievement in Lost Planet 2 for 1781 points
Comment by SpiralGamerpro at 04:32 on 20 Feb 2017

See, this would've made a better 300K achievement than Floyd is Not a Funny Shape in Rare Replay

Comment by Awoo at 04:37 on 20 Feb 2017

f the sporl

AwooLost Planet 2
                            Secret AchievementAwoo won the Secret Achievement in Lost Planet 2 for 884 points
YoDzBattlefield 3YoDz completed the game Battlefield 3 and is the 4,620th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Knight Maximus at 04:03 on 20 Feb 2017

Nice dude!

Comment by Psychotic Sully at 08:13 on 20 Feb 2017


YoDzBattlefield 3YoDz completed the base game Battlefield 3 and is the 6,837th gamer on the site to complete it
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